MLA Ketan Inamdar Sends Resignation Email to Assembly Speaker: Party Claims Resignation Not Valid Without In-Person Submission

Ketan Inamdar, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator from Savli in Vadodara, has submitted his resignation. He sent a letter resigning from his assembly seat via email to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Shankar Chaudhary. However, until the Speaker directly accepts the resignation, it cannot be considered valid as per the protocol of resigning from a legislative assembly seat. So far, the process of directly tendering resignation to the Speaker has not been completed by Inamdar. Hence, this resignation is not considered valid. Allegations have been made against Ketan Inamdar by his opponents within the BJP that he is influential in the party. Alongside this, they have also stated that they support Ranjanben Bhatt.

Old Workers are Being Ignored in the Party: Inamdar

Ketan Inamdar has stated that his resignation is not a pressure tactic. He mentioned that the party requires us to follow certain protocols. We are party workers. However, sometimes attention is not paid to old workers, and there is resentment in some places. I have felt this myself. Many times, everyone resorts to filing petitions. I feel that some people have misconceptions in their minds about those who come into politics for power. Not everyone comes into politics for power. Since winning the election as an opposition in the 2012 legislative assembly elections, I have been representing Savli constituency to this day.

‘I Am Just an Instrument’

I have been active in BJP politics, but I have never fought an election except for once, and that too not for BJP’s symbol but for public mandate. I have always said that there is nothing more important than self-respect and dignity. This voice is not just Ketan Inamdar’s voice. This voice belongs to every BJP worker, although I am just a medium. Today, I fold my hands and say that the neglect of old workers should not happen. The party needs to grow bigger, expand its influence, and always aim to make the party larger than the family.

‘There is Nothing More Important than Self-Respect’

Today, the nation desires Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister with a population of 140 crores, and even after creating this, I am still a BJP worker. I am eager as the Lok Sabha meeting in Vadodara, where Ranjanben Bhatt has emerged as the best leader, is concluded and I am equally committed to expanding my influence in the Vidhan Sabha. Even though I will work tirelessly, this resignation is the voice of my inner self. The voice of my inner self is that, whatever I have achieved in public life, it has been to give people respect and dignity. I have lived my entire life with the intention of reading their questions, but any object of my self-respect has never seemed profitable to me.

Resigned Four Years Ago as Well

Four years ago, even before, Saveli Vidhan Sabha’s BJP legislator Ketan Inamdar had tendered his resignation, citing his victory in rectifying the flaws of not being able to be in the government for the welfare of the people. Ketan Inamdar had submitted his resignation letter to the Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha from his legislative position. Later, after understanding and being committed to the resolution and the work, Ketan Inamdar withdrew his resignation.

Expressed Anger towards the Government Earlier as Well

Previously, Saveli’s legislator Ketan Inamdar had also exerted his influence against the government. At that time, he arranged meetings with government officials along with Yogesh Patel and Madhu Shrivastav to ensure that the government does not neglect public development projects. It was expressed that setbacks were encountered in order to push forward with public development works.

Vijay Rupani Sent an Explosive Letter During Corona

During the time of the coronavirus pandemic, Ketan Inamdar, the Bharatiya Janata Party legislator from Savli in Vadodara district, had written an explosive letter to the then Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, demanding an immediate supply of oxygen and remdesivir injections to hospitals in rural areas. Hospitals in Vadodara city and rural areas were categorically allocated oxygen, and there was also a demand in the letter to ensure a supply of remdesivir injections amidst black market incidents.

BJP Gave Ticket to Inamdar in 2017

Ketan Inamdar had won the election as an opposition candidate in the Savli assembly constituency in 2012. Later, they joined the BJP. In 2017, the BJP gave a ticket to Ketan Inamdar, and they won. Subsequently, Ketan Inamdar also emerged victorious in the 2022 legislative assembly elections.

Jyotiben Pandya Resigns from BJP

It is noteworthy that after the BJP announced Ranjanben Bhatt as the Vadodara meeting candidate, there was opposition, and BJP’s national vice president of the women’s wing, Jyotiben Pandya, resigned from the party. Following Jyotiben Pandya’s resignation, there is a strong discussion about changing the Vadodara meeting candidate, and there is unrest in Vadodara’s politics.

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