Noted Academic Researcher Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth to Address on Open Innovation at the VI Economic Forum at Riga, Latvia

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Riga, Latvia

The Baltic states most awaited prestigious international economic forum will be organising the 6th International Economic forum by The Institute of Economics of the Latvian Academy for Sciences under the theme “From The Creativity Of An Individual To An Innovative Science Based Economy” at the Latvian Academy of Sciences,AkadÄ”mijaslaukums 1, Riga, Latvia on September 21-22, 2023. Latvia along with Estonia and Lithuaniaare the members of NATO, the European Union, the Eurozone, and the OECD. Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth has been invited to speak on the urgency of Open Innovations &the power of open minds& how open innovation offers benefits for all including enterprises, institutions.

Garwood Innovation Fellow at Garwood Centre of Open Innovation, Haas School of Business Berkeley University of California

The Economic Forum will witness the participation of top entrepreneurs, academic professionals, researchers, Policy makers& industry leaders. Top thought leaders of the contemporary think tank such as Prof. Solomon Darwin, Prof Dr Inese Vaidere, Ilze Indriksone, Anda Caksa, Dr Ivars Kalvins, Dr. Nina Linde, Dr. Raj Kumar Songa, Prof. Dr. Asta PundzienÄ-, Dr Baiba Rivza among others to brainstorm on Open Innovations at the Institute of Economics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences on September 21-22, 2023 at Riga Latvia.

Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth at the Institute of Economics of The Latvian academy of Sciences Riga

Speaking on this Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth said, “Open innovation, the practice of collaborating with external entities to co-create new value, has become essential to business success. As organizations face a slew of challenges ahead of them, especially the issue of sustainability, they will need to harness the potential of open innovation to shorten organizational response time and capitalize on future opportunities. Today’s market dynamics present a critical opportunity for business leaders to revisit their strategies. The need for enterprises to be fast, agile, responsible, and innovative is not an option – it is a must. Yet innovation is too often seen as a separate effort, rather than a core element of the business.Amidst the gloom and doom of the early months of the COVID-19 crisis, something surprisingly uplifting started to happen: Companies began to come together to work openly at an unprecedented level, putting the ability to create value before the opportunity to make a buck.

Urgency leads transformation. Artificial intelligence is at the center of the global technological revolution Science, technology, and innovation are cornerstones of the American economy. They are also dominant forces in modern society and international economic development. Strengthening these areas can foster open, transparent, and meritocratic systems of governance throughout the world.

Dr. Nina Linde, The Institute of Economics of the Latvian Academy for Sciences while announcing the eventsaid, “The aim of the VI International Economic Forum is to analyse the role of human creativity and the potential of international ecosystems for the development of open innovations, as well as to present the world’s best practices and evidence-based, practical solutions to achieve a higher level of well-being in our globalised society. The successful practice of five previous Economic Forums is continuing, that the Forum serves as a platform for the exchange of experience and cooperation of scientists, entrepreneurs, and politicians, stimulating the entry of local and foreign investment and the development of an innovative economy in the long term.”

Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth is an internationally recognised leader on strategy of business innovations in chemical & pharmaceutical research with an enviable track record of creating sustainable open innovations in enterprises & institutions to improve existing offerings and develop new ones, create new business models, and ensure more efficient spending in R&D.

Prof. Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth a passionate researcher with about 24 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical and International Trade . He has Received The Albert Schweitzer Medal For Science, The Malcolm Adiseshiah Award for Distinguished Studies 2020 and The Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award For Medicine . He Was Awarded the Academic Professional Award at American College of Dubai in UAE .He has co- authored and filed 15 world patents on products and various non infringing process in Anti Malarial and Anti Cancer products from Herbal Extracts with expertise in Licensing, Business Development, API, Generics, Finished Doses. Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth is a global Citizen & a strong believer in Corporate Social Responsibilities. Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth is a top academic researcher at the Garwood Innovation Fellow at Garwood Centre of Open Innovation, Haas School of Business Berkeley University of California & the Member of Council at the Institute of Economics of The Latvian Academy of Sciences Riga. Dr. Vishwanatth further pursues higher studies at the University of Azteca European Programs. Having mastered Chemical Engineering, Vishwanath started his entrepreneurial journey a decade ago and formed a successful mid-sized pharmaceutical company with a major thrust on API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth has recently floated Rupus Global Herbal & Research & Development Institute Limited, an independent herbal research firm that will function as a pioneer institute in the area of research, education, conservation, and popularization of Ayurveda medicinal plants.

The Institute of Economics of Latvian Academy of Sciences (Institute) is registered as a scientific and research institute in 2006. The action and activities of the Institute are oriented to studying of economic problems significant for Latvia, seeking and creating innovative and scientifically based solutions. At present, the Institute is one of the leading research centres for economy with wide partnership links in European and other countries of the World and being able to provide a research based, competent opinion about ongoing processes in the economy of Latvia, Baltics and Europe, as well as to note the future progression. The mission of the Institute is to facilitate the development of Latvian economy in the regions and in the country as a whole, preparing based on researches, competent assessments and opinions on ongoing processes in the economy of Latvia, Baltics and Europe, as well as elaborating recommendations related to development opportunities of economy.

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