Hurdles for Congress: BJP MLA Plays Spoilsport, Ahmedabad East Nominee Rohan Gupta Withdraws

Following the announcement of 7 candidates for the Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat, preparations were underway to unveil 19 more candidates. However, amidst these developments, a series of unexpected events unfolded, particularly in Ahmedabad, where Congress candidate Rohan Gupta withdrew his candidacy abruptly. Gupta’s decision to step back before contesting came as a shock, especially considering his prior active participation in the electoral process. 

He attributed his resignation to his father Rajkumar Gupta’s deteriorating health, but sources suggest another narrative. Rumors speculate that Gupta might have withdrawn due to potential pressure from a BJP candidate, a claim that remains unverified. Unfortunately, attempts to reach out to Rohan Gupta for clarification on this matter have been unsuccessful, leaving the situation within the Congress party in a state of uncertainty.

Rohan Gupta’s Alleged Interaction with BJP Leaders Raises Eyebrows

Reports indicate that Rohan Gupta, who was announced as a Congress candidate from Ahmedabad, had been in contact with BJP leaders following his nomination. It is alleged that discussions were held between Gupta and a BJP lawmaker. 

Speculations suggest that these meetings may have led to Gupta’s decision to withdraw from the electoral fray. While the exact nature of these interactions remains undisclosed, the possibility of Gupta being persuaded not to contest the elections raises concerns about potential political maneuvering.

Rohan Gupta Withdraws Candidacy Following Father’s Illness

Rohan Gupta was given a ticket by the Congress for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections during a meeting of the Ahmedabad East constituency on March 12. However, within just 6 days of the announcement, he has decided not to contest the election and has submitted his resignation letter to the state party chief, Shaktisinh Gohil. 

In the letter, Gupta cited his father Rajkumar Gupta’s deteriorating health as the primary reason for his withdrawal. He mentioned that his father’s condition has worsened, leading to his admission to the hospital, which compelled him to resign from the electoral race.

Congress Leaders Concerned Over Party’s Future in Ahmedabad

Himmatsingh Patel, the city president of Congress, and spokesperson Manish Doshi expressed concerns over their ability to contest elections naturally due to his father’s deteriorating health. Amidst this situation, a meeting is underway in Delhi to finalize the candidates for the 19 constituencies. Now, the Congress will also have to search for candidates for Ahmedabad East.

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