TMC Lodges Complaint Against Narendra Modi for Alleged Breach of Code of Conduct

TMC Files Two Complaints Against PM Modi for Violating Model Code of Conduct

TMC has lodged two complaints against Prime Minister Narendra Modi within 24 hours, alleging a violation of the Model Code of Conduct. On Monday (March 18), TMC leader Derek O’Brien submitted written complaints to the election panel, stating that on March 15, a WhatsApp message promoting the government’s “Vikas Bharat Yatra” campaign was circulated by the Prime Minister.

According to media reports, Derek O’Brien has claimed that besides the message, a letter was also sent by the Prime Minister’s office. It is clear that the Indian government is campaigning for Modi. In the last 10 years, more than 140 crore people have benefited from the schemes of the Indian government. Derek has stated that it is evident that the Indian government is campaigning for Modi.

This shows that the Modi-BJP central government is promoting its schemes. After the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct on March 15, this message was circulated on WhatsApp. Therefore, this violation of the Model Code of Conduct should be considered. Earlier on Monday, TMC MP Saugata Roy had also filed a complaint.

Derek Says – Supreme Court Should Monitor Lok Sabha Elections

TMC Rajya Sabha MP Derek has stated on Monday (March 18) that our party wants the Supreme Court to monitor the Lok Sabha elections. The BJP’s flawed tactics are damaging institutions like the Election Commission, which is concerning. Is the BJP so afraid of facing the people that they are trying to target the opposition by bringing them to the Election Commission’s office?

Saugata Roy Also Lodges Complaint

Earlier on Monday, TMC MP Saugata Roy also filed a complaint against PM Modi. He alleged that Modi had used an Air Force helicopter to participate in an election rally in Chilakaluripet in the Palnadu district of Andhra Pradesh.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on March 17, Sunday, had gone to address an NDA election rally in Bopudi village of Palnadu district. In the videos from the rally, he was seen descending from an Air Force helicopter.

TMC MP Saugata has also shared a copy of the complaint filed against the Andhra Pradesh Election Commission on social media. He also mentioned that the Election Commission had issued a warning when announcing the election dates on March 16, stating that strict action would be taken against those who violate the Model Code of Conduct.

Gokhale Says – No Complaint Filed in Supreme Court but with Election Commission

TMC MP Gokhale has stated that he has filed a complaint not in the Supreme Court but with the Election Commission regarding the Election Commission. He mentioned that when elections are underway and the Model Code of Conduct is in effect, the court does not intervene in election matters. Therefore, it is appropriate for the Election Commission to take action against PM Modi.

Social Media Users Say – Leaders with SPG Security Can Utilize It

A user mentioned that individuals with SPG security can utilize government vehicles. In response, Gokhale clarified that this issue pertains to bulletproof and escort vehicles, not to the use of IAF helicopters. The use of government machinery for election campaigning is prohibited under the rules of the Model Code of Conduct. This restriction was particularly imposed after Indira Gandhi was found guilty of misusing government resources in 1975. Gokhale emphasized that if the BJP is paying for Indian Air Force helicopters, then it should be made public to everyone why they have chosen Indian Air Force helicopters.

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