Central Government’s Birthday Surprise by PM Modi: Good News Awaited

New Delhi: The Central Government will launch the Ayushman Bhava program on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday, which falls on September 17th this year. This program aims to provide accessible healthcare-related initiatives to the underprivileged and beneficiaries undertaken by the government. During this program, health camps will be organized, and 60,000 people will receive Ayushman Bharat cards. On these upcoming days, we will conduct health services and programs.

Ayushman Bharat – Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) is the world’s largest health security scheme, providing annual health coverage of up to 5 lakh rupees to every beneficiary family.

It is worth mentioning that PM Modi was born on September 17, 1950, in Vadnagar, Gujarat, a small city in Mehsana district of North Gujarat. Mandaviya mentioned that last year, special attention was given to the Tuberculosis (TB) issue on PM Modi’s birthday. PM Modi had stated earlier that the target is to make the world TB-free by 2030, but India aims to eliminate TB by 2025. Approximately 70,000 people became Nikshay Mitras last year, assisting TB patients, and now that number has increased to one lakh.

Mansukh Mandaviya, the Union Health Minister, stated that this TV program is assisting TB patients without any government organization, personally, through political parties, and corporates. Every month, nutritional elements are provided to these patients, and every possible help is given to TB patients. We believe that with public participation, the country will eliminate TB. In 2022, the BJP ran a one-year program to make the country TB-free, under which every TB patient was given treatment for a year. To fulfill PM Modi’s commitment by 2025, a plan to provide treatment for one year to one TB patient is under consideration.

Anusha Aggarwal

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