Tragic End: Woman Constable’s Suicide in Surat Leaves Community Shocked

Police Constable Commits Suicide by Hanging at Home

In a tragic incident in Singanpor area of Surat, a female police constable, while on duty, committed suicide by hanging herself at her residence. Prior to taking her own life, the constable had left a suicide note, which was later found by the police. In the note, she mentioned not to trust unknown individuals. Authorities have reached the scene of the incident and are conducting an investigation.

Home Suicide Tragedy

Another unfortunate incident of suicide has occurred in the Singanpor locality of Surat. This time, it involves a female police constable who was on duty. Harshaben Chaudhary, the constable, was found hanging at her home.

Absent from Duty Today

Harshaben Chaudhari, who served as a female constable at the Singanpor Police Station, had been performing her duties for some time. She resided in the Maheshwari Police Apartments in Singanpor. However, today, Harshaben Chaudhari was found hanging in her room at home. The police reported that Harshaben had been present at the Singanpor Police Station on duty until last night. However, she did not report for duty today. Attempts to contact her were unsuccessful. During a police investigation, Harshaben Chaudhari’s lifeless body was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her room at home. No one was present at home at that time. It was then discovered that Harshaben Chaudhari had committed suicide by hanging herself in her room.

Postmortem Conducted

Upon learning of the incident, senior police officers, along with Singanpor police personnel, rushed to the scene. The police conducted a postmortem on the body of the female constable at the Simer Hospital, and her family was informed about the developments for necessary investigation.

Suicide Note Addressed to Mother

Following the incident of the female constable’s suicide, the police found a suicide note in her room during their investigation at the scene. The police have seized the suicide note written by the female constable. Assistant Police Commissioner Lakshmansinh Jhala stated that the suicide note was addressed to the constable’s mother. In the note, she expressed that her trust in an unknown individual was a mistake. She mentioned that she cannot disclose with whom she was conversing lately to the police. The police are conducting further investigation based on the suicide note.

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