Protests in 25 US Universities in Support of Palestine: Netanyahu Alleges Seizure of Colleges by Anti-Semitic Groups Demanding End to Israel

Protests in support of Palestine are increasing in American universities. Demonstrations have been ongoing in 25 universities across the country, including Columbia, Los Angeles, and Austin, demanding a halt to Israeli attacks in Gaza. Wednesday witnessed clashes between protesting students and police. During this time, 34 students from Texas University and other universities were also apprehended.

Police Action at California University According to The New York Times

According to The New York Times, police at California University, Los Angeles, removed banners of demonstrators on Wednesday. Around 30 students were detained. Warnings were also issued to 150 other demonstrators to vacate the college.

Netanyahu’s Response

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made his first public statement regarding these protests on Wednesday. Netanyahu stated, “The opposition to Israel’s wars in American universities has taken on a frightening form. Anti-Jewish groups have seized control of major universities. They are demanding the destruction of Israel. They are targeting Jewish students and professors, requiring immediate action to stop them.”

US House Speaker’s Statement: Action Needed on Protest

The US House Speaker emphasized the need for action regarding protests against Israel. Speaker Mike Johnson also visited Columbia University. He demanded action from the White House regarding the protests. Besides, the possibility of deploying the US National Guard to suppress the protests was also expressed. The House Speaker also demanded the resignation of Columbia University’s president. Johnson’s address highlighted the students’ whistleblowing in favor of Palestine.

Continued Support for Palestine in Top US Universities

Students in top US universities continue to oppose Israel and support Palestine. On April 18, the New York Police Department detained over 100 Palestine-supporting students on college campuses.

Organizational Opposition

The Gaza Solidarity Impact Campaign is underway at Columbia University. It is run by the Columbia University Apartheid Divest (CUAD) student organization. The organization demands universities to disassociate from companies profiting from attacks on Gaza by Israel.

NYU’s Role

The leadership of the Palestine Solidarity Alliance is active in organizing these protests at New York University (NYU). These students also demand the cessation of ties with companies producing military weapons for Israel. Additionally, they demand NYU to lift its ban on Palestinian student admissions. Demonstrators at Yale University also demand the removal of investments from companies manufacturing military weapons for Israel.

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