Surat Gas Rifling Scam: 7-Hour Operation at 13 Sites Reveals Risks to Public Safety

From the expanses of Kapodra, an illegal gas refilling network has been unveiled. Instead of gas repairing, gas refilling from domestic gas cylinders into other cylinders was taking place. Police conducted a raid on 13 shops in an operation lasting 7 hours, swiftly dismantling the entire network. Among the 13 arrested, action has been taken for illegal gas refilling. How the accused were conducting illegal gas refilling has also been demonstrated. Not only were people’s lives endangered, but their own lives were also put at risk.

Bust of Illegal Gas Refilling at 13 Locations

Once again, illegal gas refilling has been swiftly uncovered, this time in Kapodra Extension. Investigations revealed illegal gas refilling operations at 13 locations in Kapodra. The Kapodra police station received information that illegal gas refilling was ongoing in their jurisdiction. Based on this information, the police launched a raid operation on the entire network.

Police Swiftly Apprehend 13 Individuals

The Kapodra police station formed four teams. These teams conducted searches in various areas including Din Dayal Vasahat, Marwadi Kendra Shopping Center, near Akshar Diamond, Bharwad Faliya in Ramkrishna Colony, and Mohan Bag Baroda Prestige. Illegal gas refilling was discovered at the shops. The police swiftly apprehended 13 suspects.

Seizure of High-Tech Devices for Gas Refilling

In this case, it was revealed that gas refilling was being done illegally from domestic gas cylinders into other cylinders. The Kapodra police apprehended 13 suspects and seized various items including gas refilling cylinders from different companies, empty cylinders, and gas refilling machines. Action has been taken against the suspects for illegal gas refilling. Additionally, the Kapodra police have confiscated 41 large gas cylinders, five small gas cylinders, and high-tech devices used for gas refilling.

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