Fire Breaks Out at Patna Hotel: 6 Dead, 20 Injured, 45 Rescued; Many Saved Lives by Jumping

A sudden fire broke out on Thursday morning at the Pal Hotel, located 50 meters away from Patna Junction. The fire also engulfed three nearby hotels. This accident resulted in the death of six people, including three women and three men. SSP Central Satyaprakash stated that the condition of 2 injured is critical. Meanwhile, 20 people are currently being treated in PMCH. The identification of the deceased has not been done yet, efforts are ongoing.

Evacuation Amid Flames

Around 45 people were safely evacuated amidst the flames. Control was gained over the fire after a 2-hour struggle. Water from 51 fire brigade vehicles was used to extinguish the fire. After the fire was extinguished, the rescue team entered the hotel to retrieve the bodies.

Impact on Traffic and Rescue Efforts

The road leading towards Patna station was closed due to the fire. The building, consisting of 4 floors, was completely engulfed in flames. Hydraulic equipment was used to rescue the trapped individuals. It is said that due to the fire, the cylinders kept in the hotel also exploded, worsening the situation. The building adjacent to the hotel also suffered significant damage.

Eyewitness Accounts

An eyewitness stated that while ordering breakfast at the hotel, suddenly a fire broke out in plastic, then in cylinders. The first cylinder blasted, followed by the second. The fire spread from bottom to top. Three people jumped from the building. One woman jumped in an attempt to save herself. One youth got his leg fractured. The fire brigade arrived approximately 45 minutes later.

Panic and Chaos

Terrifying chaos spread along with the fire, with people running here and there. More than 6 cylinders exploded. The road towards the station remained closed for almost three hours.

Fire Service Commandant’s Statement

Fire Service Commandant Manoj Kumar, leading the rescue team, stated that control over the fire was achieved due to the hydraulic platform. If this hadn’t been done, there would have been 50 fatalities.

Quenching the Flames with 51 Vehicles

Fire Brigade and Bihar Homeguard IG M Sunil Nayak informed that 35 people were rescued so far. 15 have been sent to the hospital. In order to control the fire, 51 vehicles have been deployed so far.

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