Landmark 21-Hour Surgery in America: World’s First Whole Eye Replacement After 7200-Volt Shock Alters Half of Patient’s Face

For the first time in the world, an eye transplant has been successfully conducted. According to BBC reports, a team of doctors in New York, USA, replaced an entire eye during facial surgery.

The operation took approximately 21 hours and involved nearly 140 doctors. Until now, surgeons had only performed corneal (the front part of the eye) transplants. While the success of eye transplants is a significant achievement, it remains uncertain whether the transplanted eyes will restore the patient’s vision.

The Transplanted Eye is Healthy: Doctors Express Optimism

Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, leading the surgical team at Lenox Hill Hospital, stated that the transplanted eye is healthy. The retina, the part of the eye that sends images to the brain, is receiving an adequate blood flow, a positive sign. There is hope that the transplanted eye will function properly within six months of the surgery. Only then can it be determined whether the patient will regain vision.

Eye Transplant During Facial Surgery

The patient’s name is Aaron James. In 2021, he suffered an electric shock from a high-voltage line, affecting the right side of his face, nose, mouth, and right eye. Doctors revealed that James was exposed to a temperature of 7200 volts. After extensive efforts, facial surgery was performed, resulting in the replacement of half of his face. During this procedure, the damaged right eye was also replaced. As per BBC, a 30-year-old individual had donated their face and eyes to James through organ donation.

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