Tragic Deaths in Bhavnagar Drain: Sweeper Suffocates, Rescuer Dies; Family Refuses Body

In the Salt Research Center in Bhavnagar city, during drainage cleaning, a worker in the gutter encountered toxic fumes, resulting in immediate unconsciousness. A sanitation worker, present at the scene, promptly descended into the gutter to rescue him. Unfortunately, the rescuer succumbed to the gas exposure. The incident prompted the fire brigade to intervene, conducting a swift rescue operation and rushing both individuals to Sarvaiya Hospital.

Loss of Humanity in Rescue Operation

In an attempt to save lives during drainage cleaning, a sanitation worker lost his life. The incident occurred on Vaghavadi Road near Marine Research Center Central Salt in the city. Despite efforts by the fire brigade to rescue the affected worker, he succumbed to gas exposure. The immediate response by the Fire Department led to the evacuation of both victims to Sarvaiya Hospital, where Rajubhai Purushottambhai Vegad, a sanitation worker, lost his life while another worker is undergoing treatment.

Grief Among Families in Hospital Toilets Overflow Incident

The incident had a profound impact on the atmosphere of mourning among the families of the deceased. Hospital toilets overflowed with emotions, exacerbated by the fact that no mortuary commissioner was available until then. The families expressed their dissatisfaction, and on the other hand, the police launched an investigation into the matter.

Gas Leakage Incident During Sanitation Work

Fire department official Pradyumnsinh Jadeja revealed that today, the Fire Department received a call about two individuals trapped during cleaning at the Central Salt. The fire brigade reached the site, conducted a successful rescue operation, and rushed both victims to the hospital through 108 services. The incident unfolded during the sanitation work carried out by employees of the Salt Centre and the corporation.

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