Vadodara City Police: Mandatory Details & Helpline Display in Rickshaws, Cabs, Taxis – Strict Action Till Nov 30

In response to the significant industrial presence in Vadodara city and its surrounding areas, including Gujarat Industrial Development Corporations (GIDCs) and large industrial units, the region is well-connected to major cities in Gujarat through railway, road, and air traffic. Given this connectivity, a substantial number of visitors heavily rely on auto rickshaws, cabs, and taxis for transportation. However, concerns over passenger safety have been underscored by previous incidents, ranging from pickpocketing and theft to more severe crimes such as extortion, robbery, and even instances of rape and kidnapping. Notably, victims of these incidents faced challenges in reporting as they lacked crucial information about the vehicles and drivers involved. In response, the Commissioner of Police has issued a directive, effective until November 30, mandating drivers to prominently display their details and the police helpline number behind the driver’s seat. Stringent action is promised against those who fail to comply with this essential safety measure, aiming to enhance overall security for passengers in Vadodara and its environs.

The Complete Information Will Be Made Available

To ensure the effective dissemination of this crucial information and enhance passenger safety, all auto rickshaws, cabs, and taxis operating within the jurisdiction of the Vadodara City Police Commissionerate are required to prominently display specific details. These details include the vehicle number, vehicle owner’s name, driver’s name, mobile number, and the Vadodara City Police Control information. A recent notification mandates the use of oil paint or permanent and non-fading ink for this purpose. The notification further emphasizes the compulsory inclusion of the room number and helpline number. Operators are given a grace period until the specified date of 30th November to install these displays. After this deadline, non-compliance will result in the initiation of legal action, including the registration of a case at the police station under the jurisdiction of the city police. This measure is a proactive step taken by the authorities to ensure transparency, accountability, and the safety of passengers utilizing these transportation services in Vadodara.

Traffic DCP Jyoti Patel has recently announced a notification from the Vadodara City Police Commissionerate, emphasizing the mandatory display of comprehensive details about rickshaw pullers. According to the notification, all auto rickshaws in Vadodara city are required to prominently showcase specific information, including the mobile number of the owner of the rickshaw or cab, in a clear and easily visible manner behind the driver’s seat. This initiative aims to enhance transparency and accountability within the transportation sector, providing passengers with essential information and ensuring a safer commuting experience. Operators are expected to comply with this directive promptly to contribute to the overall improvement of transportation services in Vadodara.

This Campaign Has the Potential to Capture Criminals

The recent campaign mandated by Traffic DCP Jyoti Patel under the auspices of the Vadodara City Police Commissionerate holds the potential to significantly enhance public safety and contribute to the apprehension of criminals. DCP Patel highlighted that incidents of robbery and pickpocketing within rickshaws or cabs have been a concern, and in some instances, more serious crimes like kidnapping have also transpired. By requiring the display of crucial information, including the mobile number and, consequently, a photograph of the owner behind the driver’s seat, the campaign facilitates a proactive approach in addressing these criminal activities. The ability to capture or save the photo on a mobile phone provides an additional layer of evidence, making it easier to take swift and decisive action against those involved in criminal activities. This initiative aligns with the commitment of the Vadodara City Police to create a safer environment for passengers and serves as a deterrent to criminal elements within the transportation sector.

Bilal Parmar, the President of the Vadodara City District Rickshaw Driver Union, has communicated that a constructive meeting took place with the city Traffic DCP and ACP officials. During the meeting, it was conveyed that the City Police Commissioner has issued a circular mandating certain measures for rickshaw pullers. According to the circular, rickshaw pullers are required to display a printed copy containing their name, identification number, mobile number, and the police helpline number behind the seat of their respective rickshaws. This initiative, aimed at enhancing transparency and ensuring passenger safety, reflects a collaborative effort between the authorities and the Rickshaw Driver Union to create a secure and accountable transportation environment in Vadodara city.

Bilal Parmar, the President of the Vadodara City District Rickshaw Driver Union, expressed the union’s commitment to the recent initiative and suggested that extending the time limit would be beneficial for effective implementation. He mentioned that significant progress has already been made, with 1500 to 2000 rickshaws having the required details installed, and work is ongoing for the remaining units. Considering Vadodara city has more than 50 thousand rickshaws, Parmar appealed for an extension of the deadline until the specified date of 30. Emphasizing the need for additional time, he highlighted the absence of regulations regarding taxis and bike taxis, urging authorities to halt the operation of bike taxis and enforce similar information display requirements for them. Parmar underscored the positive impact of this initiative on curbing antisocial elements, expressing full support from the rickshaw drivers for the ongoing operation.

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