Vaishnodevi Circle Pan Shop Raided: Seizure of Banned Cigarettes, Including Flavored E-Cigarettes Worth Rs 13,000

Near the Vaishnodevi Circle in Gandhinagar, on Ring Road leading towards Zundal, a raid was conducted at the Tambul Pan House, a store in Shaligram Lakeview Complex. The store named Tambul Pan House, infamous for selling a variety of flavored cigarettes, including the controversial E-cigarettes, was raided by the SOG (Special Operations Group) officials. They apprehended Sanjay Manjibhai Koldiya, who was caught red-handed with 13,000 packets of various flavored cigarettes, including E-cigarettes, during a well-coordinated operation.

SOG Team Conducts Vigilance in Gandhinagar

A team from the Special Operations Group (SOG) was actively patrolling in the vicinity of the Adalaj Police Station. During this time, they received information that Sanjay Manjibhai Koldiya, operating Tambul Pan House at Shop No. 20 in Shaligram Lakeview Complex on Ring Road towards Zundal from Vaishnodevi Circle, was selling E-cigarettes with different flavors containing nicotine chemicals.

Seizure of Illegal Cigarettes in Tambul Pan House

In response, the police raided Sanjay Koldiya’s shop and found a collection of E-cigarettes with various flavors. Sanjay Koldiya (Patel) (Res. J/202, Shaligram Lakeview, Vaishnodevi Circle, Kh Road) was present during the raid. Later, the police discovered an assortment of these E-cigarettes with different flavors during the search of the shop. No labels indicating tobacco content were found on the boxes of foreign cigarettes. As a result, the police seized a total of 12,800 worth of E-cigarettes and the foreign cigarette stock, making a significant arrest in Sanjay’s case.

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