Join Devotees in Ayodhya: 108-ft Panchadravya Incense at Cost of 30 Lakhs

Vadodara, known as a city rich in culture and art, has a strong belief in devotion by the artists of Kala Nagari. In the backdrop of the construction of Lord Rama’s temple in Ayodhya, a grand Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav is scheduled to be held on January 22, 2024. For this occasion, a massive 108-foot long and 3.5-foot wide incense stick, emitting fragrance throughout the entire complex, will be created using the city’s Ram devotee’s contribution of the Panch Dravya.

Ayodhya Event Organization

Viha Bhaybhai Bharwad, a resident of Vadodara’s prosperous area with an agricultural background, has dedicated six months of hard work to craft this massive incense stick. Currently completed, it is designed to spread a captivating fragrance. It will be unveiled after the grand event in Ayodhya following the Shobhayatra procession in the first week of January.

Crafting Incense Stick from Panch Dravyas

Regarding this, Viha Bhaybhai Bharwad mentions that after 500 years of struggle and the participation of thousands of saints and citizens who eagerly awaited the construction of the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya, the moment has finally arrived. This significant day is January 22, 2024, when the Pran Pratishtha of the majestic Ram temple in Ayodhya is taking place. For this occasion, a magnificent 108-foot long incense stick, crafted from Panch Dravyas, has been prepared. These five elements include ghee, havan samagri, cow dung, cow urine, and sandalwood, creating an elaborate incense stick.

Grand Pran-Pratishtha with a Majestic Incense Stick

Delving further into the incense stick, Viha Bhaybhai Bharwad explains that it weighs approximately 3500 kilograms. It is being prepared to symbolize a Yajna and has garnered immense support and contributions from the entire Gopalak Samaj and the people of Gujarat. This 108-foot incense stick is considered equivalent to a Yajna with 108 Kundas, as all the materials used in it are utilized in the sacred Yajna ceremony. The entire population of Gujarat, representing the citizens of India, will offer this incense stick as a symbolic Yajna to Ayodhya, as not everyone can physically participate in the Yajna there.

Grand Event to Unveil Ayodhya

After extensive preparations, the city of Vadodara and the district’s Member of Parliament, Ranjanben Bhatt, have been actively involved in organizing the grand event for unveiling Ayodhya. The necessary permissions for this event, which involves legal processes, have been obtained over the past month. The Chief Minister of the state has also been invited to participate in this grand event. The elaborate ceremony aims to attract thousands of devotees of Lord Rama and will mark the beginning of the journey to Ayodhya. The meticulous efforts and preparations for creating this spectacle have been ongoing for the past six months.

‘Meaningful Achievement for Me’ – Vihabhai Bharwad

As the traditional heirs associated with Gopalak and accompanied by cows, we celebrate the Prabhu Ram’s Pranpratishtha Mahotsav in January. Work on this event commenced in July, and when it started, it was a significant achievement for me personally. Although I am just a humble contributor, the grace of Lord Ram led to the creation of a grand agarbatti, which has been burning continuously for the last four months in the rain. It has not suffered any damage due to the rain, and this is a miraculous outcome of Lord Ram’s grace.

Costs to Reach Ayodhya in Lakhs

Today, a complete 108-foot agarbatti has been prepared. While the overall arrangement costs around 5 lakh rupees, the expense to transport it to Ayodhya amounts to approximately 25 to 30 lakh rupees. This cost will now be borne by all the devotees of Lord Ram. Offering this grand agarbatti to Lord Ram signifies our unity, and within a short time, Vadodara will be known for this historic program on the national stage at the Vadodara National Highway.

Utilization of Dhup Sali – What Constitutes?

  • Ghee from Gir cow: 191 kg
  • Google dhoop: 376 kg
  • Barley: 280 kg
  • Sesame seeds: 280 kg
  • Copra powder: 376 kg
  • Havan materials: 425 kg
  • Gau’s manure ash: 1475 kg
  • Total: 3403 kg

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