Amreli MP’s Threat to Savarkundla Vice-Chairman over Katha Construction Ownership

As the Lok Sabha elections approach, a recent incident involving Amreli Member of Parliament, Naran Kachdia, has sparked controversy. The incident revolves around a phone call made by MP Kachdia to the Vice-President of the Savarkundla municipality, which has raised concerns and allegations. This incident comes in the wake of complaints made by the Vice-President, Prateek Nakrani, regarding road construction work in Savarkundla. In response to these complaints, Nakrani sought an official inquiry from the Chief Officer.

During the phone call, MP Naran Kachdia allegedly threatened Vice-President Prateek Nakrani and gave him an implicit warning not to disclose the fact that the construction project was associated with his son-in-law. Nakrani has confirmed that he received this call from MP Kachdia. However, when questioned about the matter by the media, MP Kachdia declined to comment on the situation.

This incident has not only captured the attention of the local community but has also drawn the interest of the political sphere. The Congress party has weighed in on the matter, further intensifying the political landscape in the Amreli district. Former MP Virji Thummar has called for the resignation of MP Naran Kachdia in light of this incident.

The timing of this incident, with the Lok Sabha elections approaching, has added a significant layer of significance to the situation. It has raised concerns about the influence of political figures on local matters and the need for transparency and accountability in public projects, especially in the lead-up to elections.

Prateek Nakrani, Vice-President, Savarkundla Municipality.

What is the Entire Matter?

The matter at hand revolves around a one-and-a-half-minute audio clip that has surfaced on social media, featuring a conversation between Amreli Member of Parliament (MP), Naran Kachdia, and the Vice-Chairman of the Savarkundla Municipality, Prateek Nakrani. In this audio clip, Kachdia can be heard making certain statements and giving instructions to Nakrani over the phone. The key points of the conversation are as follows:

  1. Kachdia identifies Nakrani’s position in the municipality and instructs him to follow specific directions, implying that Nakrani should prioritize certain actions.
  2. Kachdia reveals that Katha Construction, the company responsible for a construction project, is owned by his son-in-law.
  3. He indirectly suggests that he may withdraw support or cooperation if Nakrani does not follow his instructions regarding the construction project and advises Nakrani not to defy “DK.”
  4. Kachdia asserts his influence, mentioning that he is well-informed through organized sources and warns Nakrani to be cautious not to go against “DK.”
  5. He implies that he has considerable experience in politics, spanning 30 years, and that he knows what is best for Savarkundla.

This audio clip has garnered significant attention and has sparked discussions about the influence of political figures on local projects, transparency, and accountability in public matters. The content of the conversation has raised questions about the appropriateness of these statements and whether there may be conflicts of interest or undue pressure in the management of the construction project. As a result, it has become a topic of interest in the political landscape and may impact the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, given the involvement of MP Naran Kachdia.

What is the Statement Made by the Vice-president of Savarkundla N.P.?

Savarkundla Municipality Vice President Prateek Nakarani, in a media conversation, has shared his perspective on the matter. He explained that he assumed the role of vice president of the municipality approximately one and a half months ago. During his tenure, he received complaints from the local trade association regarding the deteriorating condition of the CC road in Savarkundla’s primary market, which had been constructed a year ago.

In response to these complaints, Nakarani initiated discussions with the Chief Officer and the engineer. It was during this discussion that he learned that the file related to the roadwork was not readily available. Subsequently, MP Naran Kachdia contacted Nakarani and informed him that the construction project in question was associated with Katha Construction.

Nakarani’s statement suggests that he was addressing the concerns raised by the trade association and attempting to seek clarification regarding the roadwork project. The involvement of MP Kachdia in conveying the ownership of the construction project to Nakarani adds a layer of complexity to the situation, as it raises questions about the role and influence of political figures in local infrastructure matters.

In response to the incident that has generated considerable attention and raised political concerns in the Amreli district, including Savarkundla, Member of Parliament Naran Kachdia has chosen not to comment or provide any statements regarding the matter. His decision to remain silent on this issue implies that he is withholding his perspective or response, leaving the incident open to interpretation and discussion by various stakeholders. The silence of MP Kachdia adds intrigue to the situation and may contribute to further speculation and debate about the incident’s implications.

Virji Thummar, Former MP, Amreli.

Naran Kachhiya Was Asked to Resign by a Former MP

Former Member of Parliament (MP) of Amreli, Virji Thummar, has expressed his opinion on the matter and demanded the resignation of the current BJP MP, Naran Kachdia. Thummar’s statement suggests his strong disapproval of the situation, particularly regarding the allegations and concerns surrounding MP Kachdia’s involvement in the construction project. Thummar contends that it is inappropriate for a BJP MP to be associated with matters related to a son-in-law, implying that this reflects negatively on the party.

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