Parliament Smoke-Bomb Incident: Accused Brought to Gandhinagar for Narco Test – Crucial Gujarat FSL Report Awaited

During the proceedings of the Lok Sabha, a shocking incident transpired as two individuals gained unauthorized entry from the audience gallery, subsequently causing a commotion within the parliamentary premises. The ensuing chaos was quelled when vigilant Members of Parliament apprehended the intruders and handed them over to the security personnel. This unprecedented event captured national attention, prompting various investigative agencies to delve into the matter. As part of the ongoing investigation, the accused have been relocated to Gujarat following the approval of their application for a narco test.

Significance of Gujarat FSL Report in Unprecedented Incident

In the aftermath of the unprecedented incident that transpired within the Lok Sabha, the impending report from the Gujarat Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) is poised to play a pivotal role in the ongoing investigation. The gravity of the situation is underscored by the fact that three of the accused individuals underwent a pre-narco test procedure on the fourth floor of Gandhinagar Civil Hospital. 

This incident, characterized as one of the most serious in the country, amplifies the importance of the forthcoming Gujarat FSL report. Notably, Gujarat FSL has a longstanding history of handling the investigation of critical and high-profile cases in the country, establishing its credibility in providing meticulous forensic analysis. The expertise and reputation of Gujarat FSL further emphasize the crucial role it is expected to play in unraveling the complexities surrounding this significant security breach in the Lok Sabha.

Igniting Smoke Bombs in Parliament

Unraveling the Chaos: Accused Shouting Slogans and Igniting Smoke Bombs in Parliament Face Swift Justice

Amidst the ongoing investigation into the accused individuals who disrupted the sanctity of Parliament by igniting smoke bombs and shouting slogans, a tumultuous scene unfolded as some Members of Parliament swiftly intervened. The accused, in the midst of being scrutinized for scientific evidence, found themselves on the receiving end of retribution when they were apprehended by vigilant MPs. The disruption, marked by the audacious act of burning smoke bombs within the parliamentary chambers, prompted immediate action from those present.

Following their apprehension, the accused are now in custody, and their interrogation is underway. This incident, characterized by a brazen breach of security within the hallowed halls of Parliament, has prompted a multi-agency investigation specifically focused on gathering scientific evidence. The collaborative efforts of various investigative agencies underscore the seriousness with which the authorities are treating this breach, aiming to uncover the motivations and collaborators behind the unprecedented act. The ongoing interrogation and scientific investigation represent a concerted effort to bring clarity to the incident and ensure accountability for those responsible for disrupting the proceedings of the nation’s highest legislative body.

Accused Undergo Initial Medical Test at Gandhinagar Civil Hospital

In the progression of investigative procedures, the accused individuals involved in the recent breach at Parliament underwent an initial medical test at Gandhinagar Civil Hospital. The medical examination took place on the fourth floor of the hospital, serving as the preliminary step in the comprehensive assessment of the accused. This protocol ensures a thorough evaluation of their physical condition before proceeding to the next phase of investigation.

Following the medical examination at Gandhinagar Civil Hospital, the accused are slated to undergo a narco test at the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL). This subsequent step in the investigative process is crucial for extracting relevant information regarding the incident. The sequential approach, starting with a medical examination and progressing to the narco test, is designed to ensure a systematic and comprehensive assessment of the accused individuals, contributing to a thorough and impartial investigation into the security breach at Parliament.

Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL)

Minister of State for Home Affairs Confirms Narco Test for Accused After Medical Examination

In the aftermath of the initial medical test conducted at Gandhinagar Civil Hospital, Minister of State for Home Affairs, Harsh Sanghvi, confirmed in a statement to Divya Bhaskar that the accused individuals involved in the security breach at Parliament are slated to undergo a narco test. Emphasizing the necessity of conducting the narco test for all three individuals, Minister Harsh Sanghvi elucidated that the sequential process entails a comprehensive examination starting with the medical test in Gandhinagar.

According to the Minister, the decision to transport the accused to Gandhinagar for the narco test aligns with the imperative to extract crucial information relevant to the incident. The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) is designated as the venue for the narco test, following the completion of the medical examination. This meticulous approach ensures a systematic and thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the breach at Parliament, reflecting the commitment of authorities to unravel the complexities of the case and uphold the integrity of the legal process.

Unprecedented Security Breach Unfolds in Lok Sabha: Intruders Trigger Smoke Attack

In a shocking turn of events within the Lok Sabha, two individuals abruptly descended from the audience gallery, emitting smoke from their shoes, causing widespread chaos. The smoke quickly permeated the entire parliamentary chamber, leading to a tumultuous scene. Notably, the smoke attack extended beyond the confines of the Parliament House, with two additional individuals, including a woman, present both inside and outside the premises during the incident. Subsequently, all four individuals involved in the breach were apprehended and placed under arrest.

While no Members of Parliament suffered harm during this audacious smoke attack, the incident has raised pertinent questions regarding the existing security measures within the Parliament House. The breach underscores the need for a thorough examination of security protocols to ensure the safety and integrity of one of the nation’s most significant legislative institutions. Authorities are actively investigating the motives and potential collaborators behind this unprecedented security breach to fortify safeguards and prevent such incidents in the future.

Delhi Police Unravels Intricacies: Six Individuals Involved in Parliament Smoke-Attack, One at Large

In a significant development, the Delhi Police has disclosed that a total of six individuals were implicated in the smoke-attack incident within the Parliament premises. Out of these, five have been apprehended, while one remains at large. The arrested individuals had arrived in Gurugram from their respective residences three days prior and had been residing at an acquaintance’s residence. Subsequently, two of them entered the Parliament House, while the remaining pair positioned themselves outside, collectively orchestrating the smoke-attack that reverberated through the parliamentary chamber.

Swift Police Action Results in Arrests: Individuals Apprehended in Connection with Parliament Smoke-Attack

Promptly responding to the chaotic incident, the police swiftly took action, leading to the apprehension of key individuals involved in the smoke-attack within the Parliament premises. Sagar Sharma from Lucknow and D. Manoranjan from Mysore were taken into custody directly from the residence where they had created a disturbance. Simultaneously, Amol Shinde from Latur and Neelam, a woman, were detained outside Parliament while engaging in a demonstration.

In addition to these four, another individual named Lalit Jha from Gurugram was arrested as one of the five individuals involved in the orchestrated breach. The comprehensive police response resulted in the swift capture of these individuals, reflecting the efficiency and efficacy of law enforcement in addressing the security breach. However, one individual remains at large, and efforts are underway to locate and apprehend them.

Unusual Revelation Emerges: Reiki Session Linked to Parliament Breach

In a surprising revelation, a senior official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, disclosed that Reiki sessions were conducted by the individuals involved in the recent Parliament breach. According to the official, during the monsoon session of Parliament, D. Manoranjan and Amol Shinde, among others, participated in Reiki sessions. These individuals possessed intricate knowledge about the layout of the Parliament, including the seating arrangements of Members of Parliament (MPs) and the audience gallery.

The insider information suggests that the individuals were cognizant of the layout and believed they could execute their intrusion without causing harm to themselves. The practice of Reiki, known for its focus on energy healing and spiritual well-being, adds an unexpected dimension to the understanding of the incident.

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