Vadodara Tragedy: 3 Critical Negligence Points, Sev Usal Vendor Was Driving The Boat

The evening took a tragic turn for the students of New Sunrise School during a picnic at Motnath Lake in the Harani area of Vadodara. Despite a day of enjoyment, a major incident occurred when the boat carrying 23 children and 4 teachers capsized in the lake during an attempt to take a group selfie. Due to the lack of life jackets, 13 children and 2 teachers lost their lives, and the death toll may still rise.

Negligence Exposed in Vadodara Boat Tragedy

Two major lapses came to light in the Motnath Lake incident. Firstly, neither the children nor the teachers were provided with life jackets, potentially preventing the tragedy. Secondly, a non-professional boat driver was allowed to operate the boat, indicating negligence by the contractor. The Vadodara Municipal Corporation had awarded the boating contract to Kotia Construction Company. This incident brought back memories of a similar tragedy at Sursagar Lake 31 years ago.

Morbi Bridge Collapse Claims 135 Lives

On October 30, 2022, the suspension bridges An, Ban, and Shan in Morbi collapsed, resulting in a tragic incident. The overcrowded bridge led to citizens, including children and women, falling into the Machu river, causing 135 fatalities. The bridges, built in 1887, were under the responsibility of the Orewa Company for repair and maintenance. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the site, and the incident highlighted the need for proper maintenance.

Takshashila Incident in Surat Claims 22 Lives

On May 24, 2019, a fire broke out at Takshashila Arcade in Surat, claiming the lives of 22 students. The fire started from a spark in the outer unit of an air conditioner and spread rapidly. Flammable materials in the building exacerbated the situation, leading to casualties. Some students lost their lives while attempting to escape by jumping from the top floors.

Tragedy Strikes Ahmedabad’s Kankaria Lake

In July 2019, a swimming pendulum ride broke down in Ahmedabad’s Kankaria Lake, resulting in the death of three individuals and injuring 29 others. Allegations of inadequate ride inspections and balance issues surfaced. Unfortunately, no updates on preventive measures were reported.

Fire Claims Lives at Shreya Hospital in Ahmedabad

In August 2020, a devastating fire erupted in the ICU of Shreya Hospital in Ahmedabad, causing the death of 8 COVID-19 patients. The victims, including both males and females, were unable to escape as they were tied to their beds. The incident highlighted the need for improved safety measures in healthcare facilities.

Tragedy Strikes Uday Shivanand Kovid Hospital in Rajkot

A month after the Shreya Hospital incident, a fire broke out at Uday Shivanand Kovid Hospital in Rajkot, claiming the lives of 5 people. The chaos ensued, with patients being shifted to another hospital, raising questions about whether the treatment should be for COVID-19 or burns.

Rajasthan Hospital Fire Incident in Ahmedabad

On July 30, 2023, a significant fire erupted in the basement of Rajasthan Hospital in the Shahibaug area of Ahmedabad. Approximately 50 vehicles were engulfed, and 29 fire department vehicles rushed to the scene to control the blaze. The fire originated in the furniture-filled basement, igniting sofas and furniture, with smoke spreading throughout the hospital. Patients were promptly relocated to nearby hospitals. This incident follows previous fires in LG Hospital’s labor room in 2019, the Cannes Unit of the Civil Hospital, and the Children’s Hospital on May 13, 2019.

Riverfront Boat Capsizing

In July 2023, a young woman, wearing a life jacket, experienced a kayak capsizing incident in the Sabarmati Riverfront of Ahmedabad during water sports activities. When she lost balance and fell into the river, the kayaking agency’s rescue boat quickly arrived, successfully retrieving the girl from the water.

Tragic Events and Their Forgotten Impact

Man-made mistakes result in tragic events, often obscured by scams and blame-shifting. Despite ongoing court cases and government assistance, the real impact is felt by those who lose family members. Recent incidents, like the Takshashila tragedy, involve dreams shattered in the fire. Despite such tragedies, lessons remain unlearned. Today’s incident in Vadodara echoes previous tragedies like the Morbi bridge accident, Surat Takshashila, and Shrey Hospital in Ahmedabad, highlighting a failure to draw lessons from such occurrences.

Safety Measures for School Trips

  • How long does the school trip last?
  • Which places are included in the tour?
  • What activities are planned for the children?
  • Parents should receive constant travel updates via WhatsApp.
  • Specify the number of teachers and sirs accompanying the children.
  • Children going on a trip should be educated about safety measures.

Parents’ Perspective on Vadodara Tragedy

While the entire country eagerly anticipates seeing Ramlalla, for the parents in Vadodara, their children were nothing less than Ramlalla, emphasizing the deep emotional impact of the recent tragedy.

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