SIT Formed for Harni Lake Case: Additional Commissioner of Police Manoj Ninama to Lead Investigation, Seal of Approval by Harani Lakezone Corporation

Special Investigation Team Formed to Probe Harni Boat Accident

The Commissioner of Vadodara City Police has established a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to inquire into the Harni boat accident. The team, led by Additional Police Commissioner Manoj Ninama, comprises 7 police officers. Notably, the investigation of the crime related to the Harni Lake accident has been entrusted to the ACP Crime Branch.

The team members include Panna Momaya, NA Commissioner, Zone-4, Vadodara City (Supervision Officer); Yuvraj Singh Jadeja, NA Commissioner, Crime Branch, Vadodara City (Supervision Officer); HA Rathore, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, Vadodara City (Investigating Officer); C.B. Tandel, PI, Harni Police Station, Vadodara City (Member); M.F. Chowdhary, PI, Crime Branch, Vadodara City (Member); and P.M. Dhakada, PSI, DCB. Post Sta., Vadodara City (Member).

Sealing of Entry-Exit Points and Shops in Harni Lake Zone Following Tragedy

In the aftermath of the Harni Lake tragedy, all Entry-Exit points and food court shops in the Harni Lake Zone, Vadodara, have been sealed. Entry to the premises has been restricted due to the registered crime, and stringent actions will be taken against anyone violating this prohibition.

The Vadodara Crime Branch has taken three individuals into custody in connection with the Harni Lake incident. Before filing a complaint against 18 individuals for negligence, a case has been registered at the Harni police station against the managers of the M/s Kotia project. The complaint involves charges under Sections 304, 308, 337, 338, and 114 for negligence and carelessness. Notably, the primary contractor Paresh Shah is not mentioned in this FIR.

Rajesh Chauhan, an executive engineer at Vadodara Corporation, stated in a complaint to the Harni police station that the work order for the Harni Lake Zone has been assigned to the M/s Kotia project since 2017. The project includes various recreational facilities such as rides, food and beverages, a blanket hall, and boating, with full responsibility lying with M/s Kotia Project.

Tragedy at Harai Laczone: Overloaded Boat Capsizes with Students and Teachers

Yesterday around 4:30 pm, a tragic incident unfolded at Harai Laczone involving students from New Sunrise School on a picnic. Approximately 25 students and 4 teachers were on a boating excursion when the incident occurred. It has been reported that the boat was overloaded beyond its capacity, and some occupants were not wearing life jackets, which violates safety norms.

As the group was boating, an unexpected rocking of the boat led to water entering from the front side. The boat lost balance and eventually capsized in the lake. This unfortunate turn of events resulted in all individuals onboard, including students and teachers, being submerged in the lake. The rescue and recovery efforts are underway to address this distressing situation.

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