Tragedy Unfolds Harni Vadodara: Overloaded Boat Sinks in Lake, 18 Face Negligence Charges

Tragic Incident at Vadodara Deer Park: 12 Children and 2 Teachers Missing

In a distressing incident at Vadodara’s Deer Park, 12 innocent children and 2 teachers have gone missing following an unfortunate mishap. The Vadodara Crime Branch has taken stern action in this matter and has issued three notices against the responsible contractor, Paresh Shah, who is now evading arrest. The Deer Park police have registered a case against 18 individuals under sections 304, 308, 337, 338, and 114 for culpable homicide.

Contractor Tied to Kothariya Project Since 2017

The Deer Park, designated as the Leckzone, has been under the work order of Kothariya Project since 2017. The facility offers various recreational amenities, including separate zones for rides, dining, banking, and boating, providing an environment for joyous activities. The entire responsibility for this lies with Kothariya Project.

25 Students and 4 Teachers Engaged in Boating

Approximately 25 students and 4 teachers from New Sunrise School participated in a picnic at the Leckzone yesterday, where they engaged in boating activities. Reportedly, some of the boats were overloaded, and according to our sources, more individuals were allowed in the boats than the vessels’ capacity. The situation escalated, leading to this tragic incident.

Concerns Raised by Vadodara Corporation Executive Engineer

Rajesh Chauhan, the Executive Engineer at Vadodara Corporation, had previously raised concerns about the management of the Deer Park. He informed the Deer Police Station yesterday, expressing that since 2017, contractual work at the Leckzone had been assigned to Kothariya Project, which has a track record of handling various areas such as separate rides, dining, bankquet hall, and boating. However, the detailed accountability lies with Kothariya Project.

As the investigation progresses, the focus remains on locating the missing children and teachers, and authorities are determined to hold the responsible parties accountable for this unfortunate incident.

Tragedy Strikes at Vadodara Deer Park: Capsized Boat Claims Lives

In a devastating incident at Vadodara’s Deer Park, a boat carrying children and teachers capsized in the middle of a recreational boating session. Initially, the boat tilted due to some unknown reasons, causing water to enter from the front. As a consequence, the boat lost balance, overturning into the pond. The boat, carrying people in the middle, capsized, leading to a tragic event in the water.

Despite rescue efforts, several individuals lost their lives, and many were left stranded in the pond. The incident occurred during what was supposed to be a joyful boating activity, turning into a horrific tragedy.

FIR Filed Against 18 Individuals for Negligence and Culpable Homicide

In response to this grave situation, an FIR has been registered against 18 individuals under charges of negligence, culpable homicide, and other relevant sections. The list includes contractors, supervisors, and officials associated with the Kothariya Project, which has been handling the recreational activities at the Leckzone within the Deer Park since 2017.

Details of the Incident:

  • The boat, which was part of a school picnic, was overloaded with children and teachers.
  • Due to some unidentified issues, the boat started tilting, causing water to enter.
  • The imbalance resulted in the boat overturning, leading to tragic consequences.
  • Efforts are ongoing to recover bodies and provide support to the affected families.

List of Individuals Named in the FIR:

  1. Vineet Kothiya (Ward 32, Nilkanth Banglows, Taksh Complex Vasna Road, Vadodara)
  2. Hitesh Kothiya (Ward 55, Nilkanth Banglows, Taksh Complex Vasna Road, Vadodara)
  3. Gopaldas Shah (Age 58, Plot No. 14 Vaikunth Flats, Nirman Complex Road, Karelibaug, Vadodara)
  4. Vatsal Shah (Age 25, 38, Parvatnagar Society, Swaminarayan Nagar – 4, Suvapura Road, Vadodara)
  5. Deepen Shah (Age 24, 64, Punit Nagar Society, Old Padra Road, Vadodara)
  6. Dharmil Shah (Age 27, 64, Punit Nagar Society, Old Padra Road, Vadodara)
  7. Rashmikant C. Prajapati (Age 46, 38, Karmavir Vila, Santaram Dairy Road, Vadodara)
  8. Jatin Kumar Harilal Doshi (Age 64, 4, Ayodhyapuri Society, Bhadarva Chokdi, Savli Road, Vadodara)
  9. Bhimsingh Kudiaraam Yadav (Age 36, B-14, Vallabh Township Laxmipura, Ajwa Road, Vadodara)
  10. Vaid Prakash Yadav (Age 50, A/3, Vallabh Township Laxmipura, Ajwa Road, Vadodara)
  11. Dharmindra Bhatani (Age 34, 34, Ambe Society, Sansain Hospital, Diwalipura, Vadodara)
  12. Nutanben P. Shah (Age 48, A/20, Parvatnagar, Swaminarayan Nagar – 4, Harani Road, Vadodara)
  13. Vaishakhiben P. Shah (Age 22, Parvatnagar, Swaminarayan Nagar – 4, Harani Road, Vadodara)
  14. Manager Harini Lakes Zone, Shantilal Solanki
  15. Boat Operator Nayan Gohil
  16. Boat Operator Ankit (Full name not provided)

The investigation is underway, focusing on determining the exact cause of the incident and holding those responsible accountable. Authorities are committed to providing support to the affected families and ensuring justice in this tragic event.

District Magistrate to Lead Investigation into Recent Incident

In light of the recent unfortunate incident involving criminal activities reported at the Deer Park, the district magistrate has taken the lead in initiating a swift and comprehensive investigation. The state government has mandated that all aspects of the incident be thoroughly examined and reported within ten days. To ensure a meticulous investigation, new teams, including senior officials, have been formed.

The incident has prompted the district magistrate to personally oversee the inquiry, ensuring that all relevant details are scrutinized effectively. The focus is on expediting the process while maintaining the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

This proactive approach by the authorities aims to address the concerns arising from the incident promptly. The newly constituted teams, working in collaboration with the district magistrate, will delve into the various facets of the case, striving for a thorough and unbiased examination. The findings of this investigation will be crucial in determining the appropriate course of action and ensuring justice for all those affected by this unfortunate event.

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