Vadodara Harni Boat Accident: 15 Lives Lost, Including Teachers – 23 Children and 4 Educators Drown Without Life Jackets

In the large Motnath Talav near Vadodara city, a major tragedy occurred. Children from Vadodara’s New Sun Rise School had gathered at Motnath Talav, where a boating accident took place. While boating, a boat capsized, resulting in the drowning of 23 students and 4 teachers. The Fire Department was immediately informed about the incident, and they rushed to the scene. The Fire Department is currently conducting rescue operations, and 12 children have lost their lives in this tragic incident, with 2 teachers among them. The remaining children are admitted to the hospital.

CM Bhupendra Patel Expresses Heartfelt Condolences for Drowning Incident

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel expressed his sorrow over the tragic incident at the Motnath Talav in Vadodara. He tweeted that he is praying for the peace of the innocent souls of the children who lost their lives. He extended his heartfelt condolences to the families affected by this unfortunate event. The Chief Minister praised the ongoing rescue efforts by the Fire Department and wished for strength for the families in this difficult time.

Responsibilities to be Taken Seriously: MLA Keyur Rokadiya

MLA Keyur Rokadiya stated that the incident is extremely distressing and heart-wrenching. He emphasized that the future of the country lies with these young children, and their safety should be a top priority. Any negligence in ensuring the safety of children will be taken seriously. The MLA assured that a thorough investigation will be conducted to identify and hold accountable those responsible for any lapses.

Officials Present at the Incident Site

The Vadodara City Police Commissioner, senior officials, the Collector, and MLA Keyur Rokadiya, among other officials, are present at the site of the incident to oversee the ongoing rescue and relief operations.

Life Jackets Not Available for Child Safety: Opposition Leader

Opposition leader Chandrakant Srivastava criticized the lack of life jackets for child safety in the incident. He stated that those responsible for the safety of children, including contractors and corporations, should be held accountable. He highlighted the need for a thorough investigation and expressed concern about the prevailing corruption and greed.

Deputy Mayor Confirms Children were Boating

Deputy Mayor Chirag Barot confirmed that children were indeed boating at the location. The boat capsized in the Undhi Vali area. He mentioned that he does not have information about other aspects of the incident.

7 Student Missing

Report from the incident site reveals that a total of 23 children were in the boat when it capsized. According to preliminary information, there were 7 Students are missing, details of which are yet to be disclosed.

Seven Children Admitted to Hospital: Collector

Vadodara Collector A.B. Gor stated that as per his information, there were 23 mistakes and 4 teachers involved. Currently, 11 children have been rescued, and seven of them are admitted to the hospital, where they are safe.

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