Cataract Surgery Fallout: HC Demands Probe as 17 Lose Vision in Viramgam, Govt Ordered Preliminary Report

In response to reports concerning cataract operations in Viramgam Mandal, a suo moto petition has been filed in the High Court. The bench, comprising Judge A.S. Supehia and Justice Vimal Vyas, has issued notices to the Health Secretary and the Ahmedabad Rural SP. Acting upon information sourced from news organizations, the High Court has taken suo moto cognizance of the matter, showcasing its proactive approach to address the concerns raised. Scheduled for February 7, the suo moto case will be presented before the Chief Judge’s court. 

Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, the High Court has directed the government to furnish a preliminary inquiry report, indicating a commitment to expeditious and thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the cataract operations in Viramgam Mandal.

Incident Overview: Alarming Consequences Following Cataract Operations in Viramgam Mandal

On January 10, a total of 29 individuals underwent cataract surgeries at Mandal Ramanand Trust Hospital in Viramgam taluka, located in Ahmedabad district. However, this medical intervention has taken a distressing turn, as reports indicate that 17 of the operated patients have experienced a significant reduction in eyesight post-surgery. The severity of the situation is underscored by the fact that five individuals are currently undergoing treatment at Asarwa Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad, while an additional 12 patients are seeking medical care at Ramanand Trust Hospital.

Eye Complications Following Cataract Operations in Viramgam Mandal

In a disconcerting turn of events, it has been reported that, out of the total 29 individuals who underwent cataract surgeries at Mandal Ramanand Trust Hospital in Viramgam taluka on January 10, not one, but five patients have experienced visual impairment post-operation. Notably, these patients are currently receiving treatment at Asarwa Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad.

The demographic distribution of the affected individuals reveals that 9 patients hail from Ahmedabad district, 12 from Surendranagar district, and 8 from Patan district. This geographical spread emphasizes the widespread impact of the complications arising from the cataract surgeries conducted at the Viramgam hospital.

According to medical professionals at Asarwa Civil Hospital, a preliminary assessment suggests a suspicion that the eye drops administered post-operation may be responsible for the observed infections leading to visual impairment. It is noteworthy that, despite the seriousness of the situation, none of the five patients admitted to Asarwa Civil Hospital has completely lost their eyesight, providing a glimmer of relief amid the concerning circumstances.

Medical Intervention and Investigation Initiated in Viramgam Mandal:

Medical Intervention and Investigation Initiated in Viramgam Mandal:

In response to the concerning developments at Mandal Ramanand Trust Hospital, a proactive measure has been taken by the Ahmedabad District Health Department. A team comprising nine specialist doctors, led by the Divisional Deputy Director of the Health Department, has been deployed to Mandal. This initiative aims to address and investigate the complications arising from eye surgeries conducted at the hospital.

In an exclusive conversation with Divya Bhaskar, the Ahmedabad District Health Department revealed that, as a primary step, all operations at Ramanand Trust Hospital have been immediately suspended. This precautionary measure reflects a commitment to ensuring patient safety while investigations are underway.

The preliminary findings of the investigation indicate that a total of 74 individuals underwent eye surgeries at the hospital between January 1 and January 10. In light of this, the Health Department has initiated the process of reaching out to all 74 persons who underwent surgery during this period. This proactive approach underscores the importance of swift and comprehensive communication to assess the well-being of individuals who may have been affected.

Gujarat High Court Takes Suo Moto Cognizance of Cataract Surgery Complications

In a significant development, the Gujarat High Court, under the leadership of Judges A.S. Supehia and Justice Vimal Vyas, has taken suo moto cognizance of distressing reports concerning cataract surgeries in the region. This decision follows the emergence of critical information reported by various news organizations. The court, deeply concerned about the welfare of patients, noted that a number of individuals have experienced a substantial loss of vision, with as many as 17 patients adversely affected following recent surgical procedures.

The unfortunate situation has resulted in these affected patients requiring admission to the hospital due to complications arising post-surgery, including eye infections. The surgeries were reportedly conducted at a facility operated by Sevaniketan Trust. The gravity of the matter prompted the High Court to intervene, emphasizing the need for immediate and appropriate measures to address the challenges faced by those suffering from infections and complications.

Adequate compensation should be paid to the victims

Advocacy for Compensation and Thorough Investigation in Cataract Surgery Complications

In the wake of the distressing cataract surgery complications in Gujarat, the pressing need for accountability and redress for the victims has come to the forefront. The circumstances leading to the adverse effects, be it the quality of medication, inadequacies in facilities, or lapses in the maintenance of medical equipment, warrant a comprehensive investigation. Currently, no FIR has been registered against any medical staff involved in the surgeries.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the court has issued notices to the Secretary of the Health Department and the Superintendent of Ahmedabad Rural Super Police. This legal action signifies a call for accountability and a thorough examination of the incident. In the absence of registered FIRs against medical personnel, it is expected that the investigation will shed light on the causative factors and those responsible for the unfortunate outcomes.

Importantly, the court has emphasized the need for adequate compensation to be provided to the victims who have suffered from the complications arising post-surgery. This underscores a commitment to ensuring that those affected receive fair and just compensation for the physical and emotional distress they have endured.

In furtherance of transparency and expediency, the court has directed the submission of a preliminary report on the investigation. This procedural step signifies the court’s commitment to staying informed about the progress of the inquiry and ensuring timely redress for the affected individuals.

The forthcoming court proceedings, scheduled for February 7 in the Chief Judge’s court, are anticipated to provide a platform for comprehensive deliberations on the incident. It is expected that the court will continue to advocate for justice, accountability, and the well-being of the victims throughout the legal proceedings.

Investigation and Suspension of Operations

In a recent update obtained through a discussion between Divya Bhaskar and the Ahmedabad District Health Department, it has been disclosed that a total of 74 individuals underwent eye surgeries at Mandal Ramanand Trust Hospital in the span of ten days, from January 1 to January 10. The gravity of the situation prompted a swift response, with a team comprising nine specialist doctors arriving at Mandal under the leadership of the Divisional Deputy Director of the Health Department.

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