Sachin Pilot Announces Divorce from Wife Sara: Election Affidavit Reveals Divorce After 19 Years of Marriage

Sachin Pilot, the former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan and a member of the Congress Working Committee, has separated from his wife, Sara Pilot. This separation has been confirmed through an affidavit submitted by Sachin Pilot, where he mentioned his wife as “divorced” in the column related to her name.

It’s important to note that the reason for their separation or when it occurred is not yet publicly known. Sachin and Sara have two children together, Arain Pilot and Vihan Pilot. In a previous affidavit submitted during the last legislative assembly election in November 2018, Sachin had mentioned his wife’s name in the dependent column, but in the recent affidavit, he referred to her as “divorced.”

Sara Pilot, who was formerly married to Sachin Pilot, is the daughter of Farooq Abdullah. Farooq Abdullah is a prominent politician in Jammu and Kashmir and the National Conference leader. He has also served as the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Sara Pilot is the sister of Omar Abdullah, who is a well-known political figure and has also served as the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir.

Sachin Pilot and Sara Pilot got married in January 2004. During their marriage, both Sara and Farooq Abdullah’s son, Omar Abdullah, were actively involved in political activities. Sachin Pilot became the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan in December 2018, and during that time, Sara and Farooq Abdullah’s children, including Omar Abdullah, were present at various political functions.

Sara’s family had objections to her marriage with Sachin Pilot, and their love story is quite cinematic. Sachin Pilot graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. During their marriage, Sara Pilot met Sara’s brother, Omar Abdullah, who is the sister of former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir.

Sachin and Sara got married in January 2004. The Abdullah family initially objected to their marriage. However, Sachin entered the political arena shortly after their wedding, at the age of just 26, and became the youngest Member of Parliament, winning with a significant margin. After some time, the Abdullah family reconciled and accepted Sachin Pilot as their son-in-law.

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