Ahmedabad Child Abduction: Mother Runs Away with Lover, Kidnaps 4-Year-Old Son at Knifepoint, Father Files Complaint

Incident of Kidnapping Reported in Ahmedabad

An incident of kidnapping has come to light in Ahmedabad, where a complaint has been filed at the Ranip Police Station regarding the abduction of a young child from a residence. According to the complaint, after getting into an affair with another man following her marriage, the mother abandoned her husband and son.

The child, who used to reside with his paternal grandparents, was allegedly kidnapped during the night. The mother had left her husband and son after getting involved in an extramarital affair with another man post-marriage. Consequently, the child had been living with his paternal grandparents, under their care.

However, during the night, some individuals allegedly entered the house, revealing the location of the child to his maternal grandparents. Those who fled the scene were reportedly found in a rickshaw, where the child’s mother and her new partner were also present. The police are actively investigating the case based on the filed complaint.

Complaint of Neglect for the Care of a Minor in Ranip

Vashraaj Mor, residing in Ranip, has filed a complaint regarding the neglectful care of his four-year-old son against Jashree, who works in a private security company. The marriage between Vashraaj and Jashree took place in 2016, following traditional customs in Kalol. During the course of their marriage, they had a son whose current age is four years.

Due to Jashree’s involvement in an extramarital affair with another man, she continued to neglect her responsibilities as a mother, leaving her son behind. As a result, the child remains in the custody of his father, Vashraaj, who has now raised a complaint about the neglect and lack of care for the child by Jashree.

Kidnapping Case: Alleged Abduction of Hayan

Yesterday, when the complainant returned home from work, he received a call from his father informing him that his son, Hayan, had been abducted from their residence. The parents promptly arrived at the house, and around 7:30 PM, they were present when the complainant, along with an acquaintance named Dinesh Parmar, forcibly took Hayan away in a rickshaw.

The police are conducting further investigations based on the complaint filed by the parents to determine the circumstances surrounding the alleged kidnapping of Hayan.

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