Female Parliamentarian Accused of Stealing Clothes Thrice from Expensive Shopping Mall Reveals Stress-Induced Confession

New Zealand Green Party Member of Parliament Golriz Ghahraman has been accused of stealing clothes from a shopping store three times. She subsequently resigned on Monday. The video of Ghahraman’s theft has gone viral on social media.

Ghahraman stated, “Work-related stress has affected me deeply. Whatever I have done is a result of this stress. Although I believe I have disappointed my people, I apologize for it.”

The accusation involves theft of dresses from stores in Auckland and Wellington. The police have obtained video footage from these stores. Investigation into Ghahraman’s actions is now underway.

MP and Minister from Refugee Background

According to ‘Vox News,’ Ghahraman is originally from Iran and has been actively working on human rights issues both domestically and internationally. She gained prominence in 2017 when she became the first refugee elected to the New Zealand government. Later, she was appointed as the Minister of Justice. The Green Party now states that another female MP will be appointed to Ghahraman’s position.

Family from Iran

Ghahraman’s family, who fled Iran almost 30 years ago, arrived in New Zealand when she was 12 years old. She acquired citizenship here. So far, the police have not prepared any charges against her.

In the video, Ghahraman is seen carrying a branded handbag in which she places a dress and leaves the store. The police stated that Ghahraman is a suspect. Each individual is responsible for their conduct, and our MP has not provided a satisfactory explanation for her actions.

Responding to the police’s request, Ghahraman stated, “I am aware that I have made a mistake. Mental health experts also suggest that stress may cause such lapses.”

Party’s Response

James Shaw, a leader of the Green Party, said, “I cannot defend Ghahraman’s actions, but I must emphasize that since becoming an MP, she has faced various threats. This incident may have occurred due to immense stress. The police are investigating, and Ghahraman is under significant mental pressure from the first day she became an MP. If someone threatens her, it will add to the mental strain.”

In a previous interview in 2021, Ghahraman mentioned, “I receive online and offline threats. My life is at risk. I had to install a danger alarm at home. Recently, when I organized a rally for Palestine, the situation escalated further.

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