Neglected Hospital Protocols in Mandvi Tragedy: Committee Bans Operation Theater Use

Investigation Committee Submits Preliminary Report on Mandle Scandal

The investigation committee has submitted the initial report of the Mandle jewelry scam. The report highlights the significant impact on the events due to influential forces. The absence of a clock in the hospital’s rounds and the lack of proper medical staff and infrastructure are also noted in the report. Moreover, there is a mention of the non-compliance with the hospital’s protocols and the hospital’s failure to follow government guidelines and receive grants.

In the samples taken under the committee’s supervision, symptoms of Pseudomonas infection were found in three patients. Other samples were sent for testing at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. The report indicates that results for these samples are expected within three days. Currently, due to the ban on using the operation theater for any procedure, further investigations are hampered. The report mentions that the hospital does not have an MOU with the government and does not receive any government grants.

10th January: 29 Eye Surgeries

Dr. Nilam Patel revealed that Mandle Ramnand Eye Hospital, being a private hospital, does not have an MOU with the government and does not receive any grants. The hospital has been conducting eye surgeries for years, and on 10th January, 29 eye surgeries took place. Some beneficiaries faced eye discomfort, which was reported on the 15th of the same month. The government took immediate action upon receiving the news at 6 AM. The investigative team reached the incident site at 8 AM, and a thorough examination took place. On the 16th, nine experts visited the site for further inspection, as five cases of eye-related issues after Motea’s eye surgery were reported.

Several Errors Found During Investigation

On the 10th, individuals who underwent surgery had their cases examined. The investigation revealed concerns about infection, leading to their referral to MNG Hospital. This investigation is preliminary, and the committee has discussed the patients’ complaints. It includes an examination of the operation theater’s condition, adherence to protocols, and compliance with guidelines.

The examination has uncovered numerous errors, including discrepancies in the operation theater’s records and failures to follow protocols. There are also observations of damage to the facilities in the operation theater. The investigation aims to save records and ensure protocol adherence, but it has revealed errors in both areas. Damage to the operation theater’s facilities has also been noted.

Hopeful for Report Completion Within 1-2 Days

It is anticipated that the remaining reports will be available within 1-2 days. Until any further recommendations are provided, it is advised not to use the operation theater and to refrain from performing surgeries. In discussions with the patients who provided samples, it has been revealed that out of a total of 20 individuals admitted to Ahmedabad Hospital, 5 patients, initially sampled, have tested positive. It is hoped that the remaining reports will be obtained within the next 1-2 days.

Overview of the Incident: On January 10th, 29 eye surgeries took place at Ramnand Trust Hospital near Viramgam. Post-surgery, 17 individuals experienced reduced eyesight, prompting immediate action at the Civil Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad. Out of a total of 29 patients, 9 were from Ahmedabad district, 12 from Surendranagar district, and 8 from Patan district. Upon learning about the incident, a team of 9 specialist doctors under the Deputy Director of Health reached the Mandal. Ramnand Trust Hospital decided to halt all operations. An examination revealed that from January 1st to 10th, a total of 74 individuals underwent eye surgery.

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