Health Minister Assures Action After Cataract Operation Setback: Hospital Visit and Government’s Commitment to Accountability

Cataract Surgery Fallout: Patients Admitted After Complications in Ahmedabad Hospitals

Several individuals are facing potential risks to their eyesight following cataract surgery conducted on January 10 at Ramnath Trust Hospital in Mandal, Ahmedabad. Five patients were initially transferred to Ahmedabad Civil Eye Hospital on the evening of January 15, and subsequently, an additional 12 patients were brought to Manjushree Hospital of Civil Hospital for further eye treatment. Currently, all patients are under medical care, and a conclusive assessment cannot be provided without a thorough examination, as stated by medical professionals.

In response to the situation, the Gujarat High Court has directed the government to furnish the preliminary investigation report.

Today, on January 17, Wednesday, Health Minister Rishikesh Patel and Health Commissioner Harshad Patel visited the Civil Eye Hospital to meet with the affected patients. Hospital Director Dr. Swati, along with Ravani, assumed control of the situation. Subsequently, they proceeded to the wards to interact with the patients. The Health Minister first visited the women’s ward before extending the visit to other sections of the hospital.

Health Minister Updates on Eye Surgery Complications in Ahmedabad

After a comprehensive assessment and patient visits, Health Minister Rishikesh Patel revealed that 29 individuals underwent eye surgeries at Ramnath Trust Hospital in Mandal on January 10. Subsequently, about 17 patients were admitted to a government hospital with diagnoses related to M&J on January 17.

Following the surgeries on the 10th, patients experienced minor issues on the 13th, prompting them to contact the hospital. After receiving preliminary treatment, they were referred to the government hospital, where admissions occurred on the evening of January 15 and the morning of January 16.

A health inspection team promptly visited Mandal upon learning about the admissions, conducting immediate examinations, offering medical advice, and initiating further treatments. Currently, 17 individuals, including 11 women and 5 to 6 men, are undergoing treatment.

The health minister emphasized that official statements regarding patients’ medical conditions would be provided by the medical team. The government is treating the incident seriously and will take strict actions based on the inquiry report. Past incidents have seen the government take swift actions and communicate with relevant hospitals, providing humanitarian assistance to affected individuals.

Responding to opposition allegations, the minister stated that the state government prioritizes patient treatment and health facilities, emphasizing the importance of promptly addressing the health needs of affected individuals and their families.

Complications Arise After Cataract Surgery: Patients Shifted to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital

Following cataract surgery at Ramnath Trust Hospital in Mandal, a team of retina and cornea experts from Ahmedabad Civil Hospital conducted an examination. On the same day, five patients aged 50 and above were promptly shifted to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital due to complications. Subsequent examinations revealed serious eyesight problems in 12 additional patients, who were also transferred to the eye department of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital later in the evening.

The patients are currently undergoing treatment, and further investigations will determine the cause of their vision issues. The examination, conducted at Ramanand Trust Hospital in Mandal, involved microscopy and sonography. Additionally, the eye drops used post-cataract surgery will be scrutinized.

All patients have now been admitted to the eye treatment department at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, where they have started receiving eye drops, injections, and medications. Medical professionals at the eye hospital report that the condition of all patients is currently stable. A total of 17 patients are presently admitted to Civil Eye Hospital.

Investigation Underway as Cataract Surgery Patients Face Complications

Dr. Swati Ravani, the director of the eye hospital, reported that teams are actively investigating cases in both Mandal and Viramgam. Beyond the initial 17 patients, these teams are conducting further examinations to identify any additional individuals experiencing similar issues. Patients referred for treatment share common complaints of eye irritation, redness, swelling, watery eyes, and reduced vision. While these symptoms suggest a potential multi-factor infection, no definitive conclusions can be drawn without comprehensive investigations. The medical teams are diligently working to restore vision to all affected patients.

The Gujarat High Court has taken suo moto cognizance of the reports, with a bench issuing notices to the Secretary of the Health Department and the Superintendent of Ahmedabad Rural Super Police. The court emphasized the importance of determining whether poor-quality medicine, inadequate facilities, or improper maintenance of medical equipment contributed to the incident. No FIR has been registered against medical staff thus far. The court called for appropriate compensation to be provided to the victims and ordered a preliminary investigation report to be submitted by February 07.

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