Passenger Stuck in Flight Toilet Throughout Journey from Mumbai to Bangalore: Quick Thinking Air Hostess Sends Note – ‘Sir, Please Be Seated, We’re About to Land.

Passenger Stuck in Toilet During SpiceJet Flight

On Tuesday (January 16), a passenger on a SpiceJet flight from Mumbai to Bangalore found themselves trapped in the restroom for the entire duration of the journey. The lock of the toilet gate was reported to be malfunctioning, leading to the passenger’s ordeal that lasted for nearly 100 minutes. The incident left the passenger in distress upon landing.

According to media reports, before landing, an air hostess wrote a note and sent it to the passenger under the gate. The note stated, “Sir, we tried our best to open the gate, but we could not. Please don’t panic. We will be landing in a few minutes. Close the toilet lid, sit on it, and secure yourself. As soon as the main door opens, an engineer will come. After that, you will be taken out.

Passenger Stuck in Toilet During SpiceJet Flight

SpiceJet’s flight number SG-268, scheduled to take off from Mumbai Airport on Monday night at 10:55, experienced a delay and eventually took off at 2 AM. After takeoff, as soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off, a passenger seated in 14D went to the restroom. However, the toilet door malfunctioned, trapping the passenger inside. The passenger, alarmed and making noise, alerted the cabin crew about someone being stuck in the toilet.

Efforts were made by the crew to open the door, but they were unsuccessful. Subsequently, an air hostess wrote a note in large letters, reassuring the passenger not to panic and to remain seated on the toilet with the lid closed until landing. Upon landing at Kempegowda Airport in Bangalore on Tuesday morning at 3:42, engineers arrived, and after two hours of struggle, the door was forcibly opened to release the passenger.

SpiceJet Assures Full Refund to Passenger Stuck in Toilet

SpiceJet responded to the incident, stating that the lock of the toilet door on the flight had malfunctioned, causing a passenger to be stuck inside for nearly an hour. The airline’s crew assisted the passenger throughout the journey. The airline has claimed to provide a full refund to the affected passenger.

DGCA Investigating the Incident The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has stated the incident. According to a DGCA official, the aviation authority is investigating the incident of a SpiceJet passenger getting trapped in the aircraft’s restroom.

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