Ram-Lakshmana-Sita’s Ayodhya Arrival: Arun Govil Envisions National Temple; Users Celebrate Lord Ram’s Blooming Presence

In a significant prelude to the scheduled cremation of Ramlalla in Ayodhya on January 22, the esteemed star cast comprising Arun Govil, Deepika Chikhalia, and Sunil Lahiri, renowned for their iconic portrayals of Sriram, Mata Sita, and Lakshmana in the acclaimed TV show ‘Ramayana’ by Ramanand Sagar, graced Ayodhya on January 17. 

Ayodhya residents welcomed Arun Govil

Warm Reception in Ayodhya as Residents Extend Heartfelt Welcome to Arun Govil

The city of Ayodhya resonated with joy and fervor as esteemed actor Arun Govil, renowned for portraying Lord Ram in the iconic TV series ‘Ramayana,’ arrived to partake in the city’s cultural and spiritual milieu. Ayodhya residents extended a warm welcome to the distinguished actor, adorning him with floral garlands and showering him with flowers upon his arrival. The palpable enthusiasm among the people was evident as they reverently touched Arun Govil’s feet, seeking blessings from the actor who etched the character of Lord Ram into the hearts of millions.

Upon disembarking at the airport, Arun Govil proceeded to the temple premises, marking a symbolic journey that resonates deeply with the spiritual ethos of Ayodhya. The exuberant reception and the genuine expressions of reverence captured in videos shared on social media reflect the profound impact of Arun Govil’s portrayal of Lord Ram. Social media platforms buzzed with reactions, with one user aptly encapsulating the moment, stating, “Lord Ram has arrived in Ayodhya by plane.”

A testament to the timeless impact of Arun Govil’s portrayal of Lord Ram in ‘Ramayana,’ a user’s sentiment on social media resonates with the collective perception held by many. The user remarked, “Even today, people see the image of Shri Ram in you. As soon as you hear the name Ram, the first face comes to your mind.” This poignant observation underscores the enduring connection between the actor and the revered character he brought to life on the small screen.

Arun Govil Envisions Ayodhya’s Ram Temple as the Nation’s Pinnacle of Faith

Renowned actor Arun Govil, famed for portraying Lord Ram in the iconic television series ‘Ramayana,’ recently graced Ayodhya and partook in the spiritual ambiance by consuming khichdi as prasad. Sharing his experience on Twitter through multiple videos, Govil expressed his sentiments about the significance of Ayodhya’s Ram temple, proclaiming it to be the “national temple” of India.

Addressing the media present in Ayodhya, Arun Govil emphasized the profound cultural and global impact that the Ram temple is poised to have. He stated, “The culture that has waned in recent years across the world, this temple will once again give a message that will strengthen our culture. This is our legacy, which the whole world will know. This temple is the center of our faith.” Govil’s words reflect a deep understanding of the temple’s potential to serve as a beacon, not just for India but for the entire world.

Expressing his anticipation for the grand Prana Pratishtha, the consecration ceremony, Govil shared, “He knew that one day the temple of Lord Ram would be built. But it was not thought that grand Prana Pratishtha would be organized in this way. I am so excited to witness this special moment in person.”

Sunil Laheri Reflects on Fortunate Presence at Prana Pratishtha Mohotsav

Sunil Laheri, renowned for his portrayal of Laxman, expressed profound gratitude for the unique opportunity to participate in the Prana Pratishtha Mohotsav, the consecration ceremony of Ayodhya’s Ram temple. Laheri shared his sentiments, stating, “I am very fortunate to have had the good fortune to participate in Prana Pratishtha Mohotsav. I am getting an opportunity to come here that I never thought about. The atmosphere created in the country is very religious and very good.”

In addition to acknowledging the auspicious atmosphere surrounding the ceremony, Laheri also took a moment to emphasize the spiritual and cultural significance of Lord Ram. He remarked, “Those who reject Lord Ram do not know what Sri Ram is. Unless one reads Ramayana, he will not understand what Sri Rama is. Lord Marya is supreme; he teaches us how we should live with dignity. This teaching cannot be imparted to those who deny the existence of Sri Rama.”

Deepika Chikhlia: Our Image Endures in People's Hearts

Deepika Chikhlia: Our Image Endures in People’s Hearts

Deepika Chikhlia, acclaimed for her portrayal of Goddess Sita, reflected on the lasting impact of their performances, stating, ‘Our image has settled in people’s hearts. I don’t think there will be any change even after the construction of the Ram temple. We will always have the same love.’ Chikhlia’s words resonate with the enduring connection that the cast of ‘Ramayana’ shares with the audience, symbolizing a timeless bond that transcends the physical representation on screen.

As actors Arun Govil, Sunil Laheri, and Deepika Chikhalia prepare to attend the Prana Pratishtha ceremony on January 22, their presence adds a special dimension to the historic event.

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