Honoring Tradition: PM Modi Not Main Host at Ramlalla’s Prana Pratishtha; Trustee Anil Mishra to Lead Puja with Wife

Scheduled for January 22, the cremation ceremony of Ramlalla in Ayodhya has garnered attention amid earlier speculations suggesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s potential role as the chief host during Prana Pratishtha. However, the decision has now been clarified by key figures involved in the ceremony, including Pandit Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid, who determined the auspicious timing for Prana Pratishtha, Pandit Laxmikant Dixit, the officiant for Prana Pratishtha at the Ram Mandir, and Swami Ramvinay Das of the Shrimath Trust of General Mantri Ramananda Sampradaya.

Contrary to earlier reports, it has been asserted that Prime Minister Modi will not serve as the main host for the event. The clarification comes from respected authorities responsible for critical aspects of the ceremony, emphasizing the collaborative and inclusive nature of the commemoration.

Anil Mishra and His Wife Designated as Chief Hosts for Ramlalla’s Prana Pratishtha Ceremony

In an exclusive conversation with Bhaskar, three prominent figures—Pandit Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid, Pandit Laxmikant Dixit, and Swami Ramvinay Das of the Shrimath Trust of General Mantri Ramananda Sampradaya—revealed that Dr. Anil Mishra, a member of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust, and his wife will serve as the chief hosts for the upcoming Prana Pratishtha ceremony of Ramlalla. The couple is set to organize a comprehensive 7-day ritual, encompassing Sankalp, penance, and worship of Lord Ganesha, culminating in their active participation in the Pran Pratishtha

The decision to appoint householders as the main hosts stems from the belief that only a householder can undertake the significant responsibility of conducting Ramlalla’s Prana Pratishtha vidhi. This careful selection aims to ensure the sanctity and authenticity of the ceremony. Notably, Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be considered an iconic host, as clarified by the aforementioned religious authorities. 

Bhaskar also reached out to Anil Mishra for comments, to which he responded, ‘I have not been informed about this by the Ram Mandir Trust.’ This revelation sheds light on the intricate planning and deliberations behind the selection of hosts for the auspicious occasion.

In Ayodhya, today i.e. Tuesday, from 1.15 pm, the great ceremony of Ramlalla's death is starting.

Key Participants and Ceremonial Details Unveiled for Ramlalla’s Event

Brahmins and muhurtakas, representing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, are set to immerse themselves in 60 hours of continuous chants during the forthcoming event, underscoring the significant presence of dignitaries. The esteemed guests, including Prime Minister Modi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel, Mandir Trust President Mahant Nritya Gopal Das, and Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat, along with a diverse group of 22 individuals, are anticipated to attend the main event in January.

Prime Minister Modi is slated to personally engage in the sanctum sanctorum proceedings, contributing by pulling the kusha and rope with his own hands. Subsequently, Ramlalla will be eulogized, marking a pivotal moment in the ceremonial proceedings. Ahead of this, the notable Dr. Mishra couple will assume a lead role in the 6-day puja commencing from January 16 to 21. Functioning as the representative of Prime Minister Modi, they will diligently listen to classical chants for a duration of 60 hours. Prime Minister Modi is expected to make his presence felt on the 7th day, participating in the offering of bhog and performing the aarti.

Currently, Lord Sri Ramlalla and his younger brothers are giving divine darshan to devotees in a temporary temple in Ayodhya.

Auspicious Ceremonies Commence in Ayodhya to Mark Ramlalla’s Grand Occasion

In Ayodhya today, on Tuesday, a momentous ceremony heralding the passing of Ramlalla is set to commence at 1:15 pm. The elaborate event will encompass a series of sacred rituals, beginning with the performance of homa, a ceremonial fire offering. Among the multifaceted ceremonies, Prayaschitta will be conducted for the host, while Das Vidharanana will take place in the sacred waters of the Saryu River. A host Brahmin will participate in the Saur ritual, followed by the observance of Purvottarang, Godan, Pancha-gavyaprashana, Dashdan, and Karmakuti homa.

This picture is of Pandit Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid. He said that Dr. Anil Mishra and his wife will host the 7-day event.

Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid Emphasizes Household Participation as Key to Hosting Ramlalla’s Event

In an insightful conversation with Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid, the eminent figure responsible for determining the auspicious time for the Prana Pratishtha of Ramlalla’s idol at the Ram Mandir, clarity emerged regarding the role of the host at Ramlalla’s funeral. Dravid underscored the unique requirement that the host must be a householder, further emphasizing that the presence of the host’s wife is essential. Consequently, only a single householder will be eligible to partake in the Prana Pratishtha and Pooja throughout the entire 7-day ceremonial period.

This revelation implies that while Prime Minister Modi will bear witness to the main ritual of offering life in the sanctum sanctorum, there will not be a designated main host for the event. This nuanced decision aligns with the traditional belief that the sanctity of the ceremony is best upheld through the participation of a householder, ensuring a holistic and authentic representation of the religious proceedings. It’s noteworthy that in 2020, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Ram Mandir was hosted by Dr. Ravindra Narayan Singh and his wife, further exemplifying the continuity of this practice in significant religious events.

Prime Minister Modi Assumes Symbolic Hosting Role in Ramlalla’s Prana Pratishtha Ceremony

Following insights from Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid, our inquiry led us to Pandit Laxmikant Dixit and his son Pandit Arun Dixit, who have arrived in Ayodhya to preside over the Prana Pratishtha Anushthan for Ramlalla. Shedding light on the role of Prime Minister Modi in the event, they revealed that the Prime Minister is scheduled to attend the Prana Pratishtha on January 22 and actively participate in the sacred proceedings.

However, Pandit Laxmikant Dixit clarified that while Prime Minister Modi will engage in the Prana Pratishtha, the primary hosting responsibility for the subsequent 7 days will be assumed by a second individual, pledging to devote themselves entirely to worship during this period. In a unique twist, Prime Minister Modi will be designated as the symbolic host, indicating that he will adhere to the rules of remote hosting. This nuanced approach aligns with the meticulous planning and inclusive spirit surrounding Ramlalla’s Prana Pratishtha, showcasing a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary practices in the ceremonial proceedings.

Pandit Laxmikant Dixit said that in 2020, the host of the foundation stone laying ceremony of Ram Mandir Dr. Ravindra Narayan Singh and his wife.

Prime Minister Modi to Observe Yama Niyama for 11 Days in Conjunction with Ramlalla’s Ceremony

In a further exploration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in the upcoming Ramlalla ceremony, we reached out to Pandit Venkataraman Ghanpathy, a trustee of Srikashi Vishwanath Temple and a respected religious scholar affiliated with the Rama Mandir. According to Ghanpathy, Prime Minister Modi is slated to spend January 22 within the sanctum sanctorum, actively engaging in the drawing of Kusha and Shlaka during the auspicious Muhurat. However, the subsequent stages of the puja will be meticulously conducted by Trustee Anil Mishra and his wife.

Ghanpathy clarified that while Prime Minister Modi assumes a symbolic hosting role, his participation is more representative than substantive, with the main responsibilities being shouldered by Trustee Anil Mishra and his wife. Notably, Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to the sacred occasion extends beyond the ceremony itself. Ghanpathy revealed that the Prime Minister plans to observe Yama Niyama, a set of ethical and moral principles, for a duration of 11 days in Nashik. During this period, he will adhere to a disciplined regimen, partaking in a diet consisting solely of fruit once a day.

According to Pandit Venkataraman Ghanpathy, the Prime Minister will be in the sanctum sanctorum on January 22 and will draw Kusha and Shlaka during the Muhurat.

Swami Ramvinaya Das Emphasizes the Significance of a Householder in Pran Pratishta

Engaging in a conversation with Swami Ramvinaya Das, the General Secretary of Srimath Trust of Ramananda Sampradaya, shed light on the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a host in the Pran Pratishta ceremony. According to Swami Ramvinaya Das, Pran Pratishta is a matter of great importance, requiring the presence of a householder to ensure the proper conduct of the ritual.

Swami Ramvinaya Das emphasized that the involvement of a householder is crucial for the seamless execution of the ceremony. The householder, as per tradition, is expected to undergo a ceremonial bathing ritual using the waters of the sacred Saryu River. 

According to Swami Ramvinay Das, a householder who participates in the puja has to bathe in the Saryu river.

Anil Mishra Clarifies Host Status: Trust Yet to Decide

In a telephone conversation with Anil Mishra, a key member of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust, the question of his role as the host for the main event was addressed. Mishra clarified that the trust has not reached a decision regarding whether he will be designated as the host for the upcoming significant ceremony. He stated, “The trust has not yet taken a decision on whether they will be made hosts of the main event or not. The trust will soon consider the hosts, and the names of each will be announced in due course.”

According to Ram Mandir Trustee Dr. Anil Mishra, the name of the host has not been decided yet.

Champat Rai Reveals Key Attendees for Main Event on January 22

In response to inquiries, Champat Rai, the General Secretary of Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust, provided insights into the anticipated attendees at the sanctum sanctorum on January 22. Rai confirmed that at least five prominent figures will be present at the main event.

According to Champat Rai, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to participate in the central ceremony on January 22. Additionally, other distinguished attendees include Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Sarsangchalak Mohan Bhagwat, and Ram Janmabhoomi Trust President Nritya Gopaldas. Rai clarified that while an official list of hosts has not been released, these names are considered nearly final for the event.

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