Delhi’s Startling VIDEO, Complete Flooding in Colony Without Rain, Forces Evacuations

A surprising video has emerged from the capital city Delhi, showing the sudden flooding in the JJ Colony without rain. The area has experienced such a deluge that complete water logging has occurred. 

Due to the water surrounding the colony, residents have been forced to evacuate their homes. On the other hand, several people have been seen driving cars in this area.

Colony Residents Seek Shelter in Safe Zones

As viral images and videos show, amidst the flooding that has submerged parts of the colony, residents are seen safely navigating through the expansive area with their belongings. The most significant concern is that despite no rainfall in the colony’s expanse, roads have transformed into rivers. 

On one side, the sun god appears furious in the sky, while on the other, the land is submerged in water, causing distress among the residents.

How Did the Colony Experience Flooding Without Rain?

Residents facing significant difficulties are struggling to cope as unexpected water floods into their homes. Even without rainfall, the situation has turned dire, prompting discussions on how such a flood-like situation emerged in the colony. 

Previously, people had to run, and even without rain, the area became inundated, sparking debates. The water had actually come from Haryana through the Bawana canal. In reality, the colony’s adjacent canal walls had collapsed, causing the canal water to flood the colony.

Canal Wall Breaks, Flooding Hits Colony

Late last night at 2:00 AM, an incident occurred where the canal wall broke, causing water to flood into the colony. Although repair work was scheduled for the canal, water from the canal breached into the colony beforehand. 

Prompt action from Haryana prevented further water from entering, and repairs are currently underway on the breached canal wall at Bawana.

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