Public Disrobing Karelibagh: 4 Girls Strip on Vadodara Road After Theft, Chased by Locals

Controversy Erupts: Girls Strip Naked After Alleged Theft

In a shocking incident in the vehicular Karelibagh area of Vadodara city, four girls allegedly stole cash from a laundry shop and fled the scene. As they were chased by people, the girls chose to strip naked and sit on the road. Eventually, the pursuing crowd handed them over to the police after administering fenugreek.

The incident sparked outrage in the area, prompting the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) to confirm that a theft case had been registered against the four girls based on the complaint lodged by the laundry manager. However, the girls have not disclosed their names, leading authorities to seek assistance from the Abhayam team.

Furthermore, a complaint will be filed against the mob that reportedly assaulted and pushed the naked girls onto the public road amidst traffic.

According to reports, the four young women entered the laundry shop in Karelibagh under the guise of being customers. Seizing an opportunity, they allegedly stole cash from the premises, leaving the staff shocked. Despite attempts by a young man to raise an alarm, the girls attempted to flee the scene.

Although the girls removed their clothes as people chased them, the crowd continued to pursue them. Feeling frightened by the sight of people chasing them, the four girls hastily shed their clothes and sat on the road. However, the angry locals also assaulted the girls with fenugreek. Fleeing from the mob, the young girls eventually reached Lal Bahadur Shastri Vidyalaya in a naked state.

As the commotion escalated, crowds of people gathered on the public road in the Karelibagh area, with vehicles rushing by, causing significant confusion. The girls feigned distress, shedding tears and offering apologies to the crowd. Despite their efforts, the enraged mob proceeded to assault the girls before handing them over to the police.

According to ACP Panna Momaya of Zone 4, an incident occurred at a shop called Egland Dry Clinic in the Jai Ranchhod Complex area of Ambalal Park. The owner left for home at noon to have lunch, leaving Iqbal Rafikbhai Dhobi ironing clothes in the shop. During this time, four women entered the shop, with two of them standing in front of Iqbal Dhobi while he was ironing. The other two women skillfully stole Rs. 25,000 from the cash register and all four left the premises. Suspecting something amiss upon noticing the missing money from the cash register, Iqbal pursued the women, and others joined him. He informed the gathering that the four girls had stolen Rs. 25,000 from the register.

When more people assembled, the four girls removed their clothes to avoid being assaulted and discarded the stolen money. However, the crowd resorted to administering methipak to the girls accused of theft. Upon being informed of the incident, the police promptly arrived at the scene and took the girls into custody for questioning regarding the theft allegation. Among the money thrown away by the girls who stole Rs. 25,000, Iqbal Dhobi managed to recover Rs. 9,300.

The girls will receive counseling, stated the ACP. Based on the complaint filed by the laundry manager, a theft case has been registered against the four girls. As these girls have not disclosed their names, assistance from the Abhayam team has been sought. The girls claim to be residents of Vadodara, and verification is underway to confirm their address. Additionally, investigations are being conducted to determine if these girls have committed crimes in other cities. Their photographs have been shared with authorities in other cities for further scrutiny.

Furthermore, action will be taken against those who misbehaved during the incident. A complaint will also be lodged against the mob that assaulted and harassed the four girls when they were naked on the public road. Legal measures will be pursued against individuals identified from CCTV footage near the scene, as stated by ACP Panna Momaya.

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