Tribute to 14 Boat Tragedy Victims: Kshatriya’s Head Shaving at Harni Lake – Vow for Justice Amid Systemic Challenges

In the city of Vadodara, homage was paid to 12 children and 2 teachers who lost their lives in the tragic boat accident at Harni Lake. Today, two social activists organized a ceremony for shaving heads outside Harni Lake to express condolences. Alongside this gesture, a demand for justice for the deceased was vocalized before the Home Minister. Social worker Mahendrasingh Rathod stated, “Today, we have both undergone head-shaving rituals. 

As a Kshatriya, I pledge not to grow a mustache until justice is served to the deceased. The system has been adept at turning the accused into complainants, making fools of the public.” This commemoration event not only honored the departed souls but also highlighted the pressing need for accountability and justice in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Solidarity and Advocacy: Social Activists Shave Heads in Commemoration

In Vadodara, social activists Kamlesh Parmar and Mahendrasingh Rathod organized a symbolic head-shaving ceremony to honor the memory of the 12 children and 2 teachers who tragically lost their lives in the Harni Lake zone boat accident. Parmar expressed prayers for peace for the departed souls and courage for their families in coping with the loss. Addressing the state’s Home Minister, Parmar emphasized the need for accountability, stating that no stone should be left unturned in the pursuit of justice. 

He urged not only the authorities but also the school management of New Sun Rise School to file complaints and ensure that the human tragedy is duly acknowledged. Today, alongside this demand, we stand in solidarity as we undergo the ritual of head-shaving outside Harni Lake, reaffirming our commitment to seeking justice and honoring the memory of those we have lost.

"I take a pledge that I will not wear a mustache until justice is served,"

Advocating for Justice: Social Activist Mahendrasingh Rathod’s Call for Accountability

Mahendrasingh Rathod, a social activist, has voiced his commitment to seek justice, declaring, “I pledge that until justice prevails, I will not grow a mustache.” He emphasizes the imperative of upholding humanity, urging for public awareness within democracy while condemning the heinous incident at Harni Lake where 12 children and 2 teachers lost their lives. On the auspicious occasion of our Republic Day, which marks the celebration of our sovereignty, the tragedy unfolded on January 18th, leading to the filing of complaints against the accused. Rathod highlights the systemic failure in Gujarat, accusing authorities of manipulating public perception. 

He demands action against all negligent officials. Moreover, he insists that those accused should face justice as complainants themselves. Today, in homage to all the deceased, we observe a collective act of remembrance through the ritual of head-shaving. Rathod, symbolizing the warrior spirit, underscores his pledge, emphasizing that he will maintain his vow until justice prevails for the victims.

The police have so far arrested 13 accused and

Police Arrest 13 Suspects in Connection with Harni Lake Boat Tragedy

On January 18th, in the Harni Lake area of Vadodara, a tragic boat accident claimed the lives of 12 innocent children and 2 teachers. Amid allegations of negligence and culpability during the boating excursion, the Harni Police Station has registered complaints against 19 individuals. As the investigation progresses, the police have apprehended 13 suspects thus far. Among the detained individuals, Pares​h Shah and Gopal Shah, identified as primary suspects, were swiftly brought into custody. However, six suspects remain at large, evading arrest. The authorities continue to pursue all leads diligently in their quest for justice and accountability in this heartbreaking incident.

Paresh Shah's family absconding

Par​esh Shah’s Family Evades Capture; Police Intensify Search Efforts

Par​esh Shah, the prime suspect in the case, remains at large along with his son Vatsal Shah, wife Nutan Shah, and daughter Vaishaki Shah. Despite concerted efforts by police teams, the whereabouts of all suspects remain unknown. The authorities have intensified search operations to locate and apprehend the entire Shah family in connection with the ongoing investigation.

Names of Apprehended Suspects:

  1. Nayan Gohil
  2. Bhimsingh Yadav
  3. Shantilal Solanki
  4. Ankit Vasava
  5. Ved Prakash Yadav
  6. Rashmikant Prajapati
  7. Binit Kotiya
  8. Gopaldas Shah
  9. Paresh Shah
  10. Jatin Doshi
  11. Tejal Doshi
  12. Neha Doshi
  13. Nilesh Jain

Names of Fugitive Suspects:

  1. Vatsal Shah
  2. Dipen Shah
  3. Dharmil Shah
  4. Vaishaki Shah
  5. Nutan Shah
  6. Gharmin Bhatani

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