Paresh Shah’s Central Role in Harni Lake Zone’s Operations to Be Investigated, Bank Transaction To Be Investigated: Additional CP

The police have apprehended the main suspect behind the deer poaching incident, Paresh Shah, in a covert operation spanning Anand and Panchmahal districts. Paresh Shah was reportedly heading towards Kalol from Halol when he was intercepted by a team comprising the Vadodara Crime Branch and the SOG. An additional CP stated that Paresh Shah played a crucial role in the entire operating system of the poaching zone, and his bank accounts and transactions will be scrutinized.

Formation of Teams to Expedite Arrests

Vadodara Additional Police Commissioner Manoj Ninama announced the formation of teams to swiftly apprehend all suspects involved in the poaching zone mishap. These teams, comprising officers from Vadodara Crime Branch, SOG, and the Prevention of Crime Branch, were deployed both within and outside the state.

Paresh Shah Caught Between Halol and Kalol

Following a swift operation near Raipur, Chhattisgarh, Paresh Shah was apprehended and brought to Vadodara on Thursday. Shah, the prime suspect in the poaching case, attempted to flee the city as soon as he became aware of being implicated. Despite constant surveillance, he managed to evade police teams. However, today, the police finally caught up with him between Halol and Kalol. Paresh Shah’s central role in the operating system of the poaching zone is under scrutiny.

Remand Approved for 6 Suspects Until the 31st

Among the six suspects initially apprehended and remanded into police custody until January 25, all 6 have had their remands fully approved today. The court has granted further remand extensions for more thorough investigations into the allegations against them. The court approved the remand extension until the 31st for all six suspects.

Gopal Shah and Paresh Shah Key Sources

Details have emerged regarding Gopal Shah and Paresh Shah being key sources of information during police interrogations. The police are compiling details about bank accounts of all suspects involved in the crime through forensic analysis. Some information has been obtained, but further investigation is ongoing.

10 Suspects Evade Police Arrest

As per agreements between the police and municipalities, all necessary documentation has been requested and reviewed. Following this, conditions for breaking certain agreements have been met, leading to arrests in several instances. Multiple suspects involved in the poaching incident are being pursued by various police teams. So far, at least 10 suspects involved in the poaching case have managed to evade arrest despite continuous efforts by the police teams trailing them.

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