Evidence of Hindu Temple Uncovered: 32 Evidences, 3 Shiva Names, Broken Idols Found

On Thursday night, the ASI survey report of Varanasi’s knowledge repository was made public. The 839-page report has been handed over to both Hindu and Muslim factions. Subsequently, Hindu faction’s lawyer Vishnu Shankar Jain held a press conference claiming that the report contains evidence of 32 proofs of the temple’s existence. Inscriptions in Kannada, Telugu, Devanagari, and Grantha scripts have been found on the walls.

Damaged Statues of Hanuman and Ganesha Also Found

Vishnu Shankar Jain stated, “The minarets of the mosque are originally part of a temple, which were later modified for mosque usage. The western wall of the mosque clearly shows that it was once a temple wall. This wall was constructed in the Nagar style 5,000 years ago. Additionally, remnants dating back 1,000 years have also been discovered beneath the wall. Muslim faction argues that they can present their case only after reading the report.”

Court Orders Hard Copies of the Report

On January 24, both parties were instructed by the Varanasi court to submit hard copies of the entire report. The sealed report was placed on the court table on Thursday morning. It was unsealed in front of the judge, and a page count of the report was conducted. The court had fixed a rate of 2 rupees per page for copying.

District Judge’s Statement

District Judge Ajay Krishna Vishwesh stated, “Both parties can apply for the report. After receiving the report, both parties can make observations until February 6. Following that, 13 individuals including Vishnu Shankar Jain and Sudhir Upadhyay from the Hindu side, along with four female debaters and a Muslim faction lawyer Akhlaq Ahmed, had filed a petition for the report.”

Copy of the Report Obtained

A photocopy of the report was made. Subsequently, Vishnu Shankar Jain, Sudhir Upadhyay, and Akhlaq Ahmed from the Muslim faction were handed the report. The remaining 10 individuals will submit their reports later, preferably by Friday.

Court Date for Report Submission

The sealed report was filed in court on December 18. On December 18, ASI submitted a progress report in court on the sealed report. On the same day, the Hindu faction demanded that the entire report be made public. However, the Muslim faction opposed it. Later, the Muslim faction also demanded a copy to be submitted to the court. A hearing was scheduled for January 3 regarding this.

Hearing Postponed

However, the hearing did not take place on that day. Subsequently, a hearing was held on January 5. However, no decision was made. After that, on January 24, the court ordered both parties to submit hard copies of the entire report.

Study Conducted with Scientists from Hyderabad, America

ASI conducted a comprehensive study in 84 days, involving GPS, photographs, and videography at all sites. ASI prepared the report in 36 days. It took 30 days to prepare the GPS report. The GPS report was prepared by experts from America.

Study with American Scientists in Hyderabad

The American scientific team conducted a study for several days. Later, with the help of radar in America, observations were made in the range of 400 to 900 megahertz and above.

Preparation of Report in Three Parts

The first part shows statistical data, including geographical boundaries, timelines, and other details. The underground GPS report details are included in the second part. It consists of a graph created using wave analysis and an X-ray of the detected remains. The third part presents the progress of the three-level study conducted by scientists, prepared as PPT slides with daily updates mentioned separately.

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