Key BJP-Kshatriya Samaj Meeting Today: Rajput Samaj Core Committee Convenes in Ahmedabad, Followed by Session with BJP Leaders

The recent controversial comments made by Bharatiya Janata Party’s candidate Parshottam Rupala have ignited a strong sense of anger within the Kshatriya community. There is a demand within the community to revoke Rupala’s ticket. 

Following the uproar, a meeting is scheduled today at the Rajput community’s building in Gota, Ahmedabad, where the core committee of Gujarat’s Rajput community will convene. Subsequently, BJP’s leaders will meet with representatives of the Kshatriya community to discuss decisions pertaining to Rupala’s candidacy.

92 Rajput Organizations to Convene Meeting Tomorrow Amidst Controversy Over Rupala’s Candidacy

Tomorrow, a crucial meeting is scheduled to take place with representatives from 92 Rajput organizations in Gujarat. This gathering comes amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the candidacy of Parshottam Rupala and the demand made by the Kshatriya community to withdraw his ticket. 

While both Rupala and C.R. Patil has not made the requested withdrawal, the demand persists, intensifying the pressure. Following discussions held today by BJP leaders with representatives of the Kshatriya community, tomorrow’s meeting with the 92 Rajput organizations’ representatives will provide an opportunity for further deliberations. 

Decisions regarding Rupala’s candidacy are expected to be made only after thorough discussions and considerations with all involved parties. Hence, the resolution of this controversy remains uncertain until after tomorrow’s meeting.

Patil’s Appeal Adds Intrigue to Meeting

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s state president, C.R. Patil, stirred anticipation as he invited leaders of the Kshatriya community for a meeting on Tuesday morning. This followed a gathering with representatives from various Rajput organizations, numbering 92, where discussions and deliberations were held. 

Consequently, around noon today, the central core committee of the Rajput community, featuring representatives such as Ashwinsinh Sarvaiya, Sukhdev Singh Vaghela, Triptiba Raol, Ramjubha Jadeja, and others, will convene. Their discussion is expected to include a meeting with Kshatriya leaders at 3 p.m. 

Among the agenda items will be Parshottam Rupala’s request for forgiveness and C.R. Patil’s expressed willingness to resolve the controversy. These developments are sure to generate significant interest and speculation within the political circles.

Kshatriya Community Firm on Denying Ticket to Rupala

After the meeting of the central core committee earlier today, around 3 p.m., former state home minister Pradipsinh Jadeja, former education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, former state minister Kiritsinh Rana, Jaydrathsinh Parmar, I.K. Jadeja, Balvantsinh Rajput, and other BJP leaders will convene with the central core committee. 

C.R. Patil has requested a resolution to the ongoing dispute following the meeting called by him. The discussion will revolve around Parshottam Rupala’s candidacy not being revoked and the Kshatriya community’s insistence on extending forgiveness but urging for a change in the candidate. 

The unanimous demand of the entire Kshatriya community is that while forgiveness is sought, a different candidate should be considered. The community remains adamant on not relenting until their demand for denying Rupala the ticket is met.

Patil Assures Diminished Anger Post-Meeting

After yesterday’s meeting, C.R. Patil stated that the anger within the Kshatriya community hasn’t subsided. He conveyed that despite three apologies from Rajkot’s BJP candidate Parshottam Rupala, the community still harbors resentment. 

The Kshatriya community, however, holds a magnanimous attitude and forgives Rupala. Recognizing the repeated apologies for his mistake, the community extends its forgiveness. 

Today, all BJP leaders, including Bhupendrasinh, Kesrisinh, Mahendrasinh, IK Jadeja, and Balvantsinh, were present during the meeting along with the Chief Minister and the organization’s general secretary. Patil, having apologized, awaits forgiveness from the Kshatriya community, assuring them of his sincerity.

Rupala’s Controversial Statement on March 23

Parshottam Rupala sparked controversy with his statement regarding the Kshatriya community during a public event organized by the Valmiki community on March 23. He compared the behavior of the British during their rule in India to that of the Maharajas, emphasizing that while the British indulged in exploitation, the Maharajas did not alter the religion or the customs despite wielding power. 

Controversy and Public Apology by Rupala

He highlighted that even Lord Rama, who arrived a thousand years later, didn’t wield swords upfront but maintained dignity, neither breaking under fear nor hunger. Rupala hailed these inheritors of the eternal Sanatan Dharma with profound respect.

Controversy and Public Apology by Rupala

In the midst of a controversy, Rupala publicly released a video to apologize. Following this, Parshottam Rupala’s plea for forgiveness from the Kshatriya community was made public. In this video, he mentioned delivering a speech at an event of the Valmiki community in Rajkot. 

The video went viral, triggering resentment from the Kshatriya community. Notable figures such as Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Rajya Sabha MP Kesrisinhji Vankaner, and Rajkot’s Rajvi Mahendrasinh Jadeja expressed their views on the matter. 

They conveyed their dissatisfaction with Rupala’s comments regarding the Kshatriya community and the Rajvi family. Rupala stated that his intention was to address the injustices perpetrated against our culture and country by miscreants.

He emphasized his willingness to express remorse if there was any displeasure from the Kshatriya community or Rajvi family. Thus, he earnestly seeks to resolve the issue at hand through this plea.

Rupala’s Public Apology at Kshatriya Gathering

Parshottam Rupala attended a gathering of the Kshatriya community in Shemala village last Friday, where he once again sought forgiveness. He expressed, “Before I begin, let me share what I feel, and then I’ll start my statement. I also feel the emotions that have stirred within the Kshatriya community due to my recent remarks. 

Moreover, the recent incident where I conversed with Jayrajsinhbhai, discussing scheduling a meeting at 7 o’clock, also contributed to my reflections. I attend election rallies where the grand welcome with drums and trumpets is something only Kshatriyas can orchestrate; no one else can. Friends, it’s a profound regret for me that this statement came out of my mouth. There has never been any such record of me retracting a statement in my entire life.”

Turmoil in BJP as Senior Leaders Resign and New Controversies Emerge

After the resignation of Raj Shekhawat, the former chief of the Karni Sena, in opposition to Rupala’s nomination request, another setback hits the BJP as more leaders raise objections to Rupala’s candidacy. 

Sanjaysinh Gohil, the director of Bhavnagar APMC and a prominent Kshatriya figure, has posted on Facebook requesting the party to allocate the ticket from Rajkot to another candidate instead of Rupala. This development has plunged the BJP into further chaos, with internal dissent escalating and new controversies emerging surrounding Rupala’s nomination bid.

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