Diya Kumari: Adorned in Diamonds, Gold, Ruby, and Meena as Deputy CM, Yet Faces Absence of Home, Land, and Car.

Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari has declared a total wealth of INR 19.19 crores in her election affidavit. Diya Kumari is known for her interest in jewelry, and her collection amounts to more than 75 lakh INR.

A new government has been formed in Rajasthan, with Bhajan Lal Sharma taking the oath as the 26th Chief Minister on Friday. Alongside him, his cabinet includes two Deputy Chief Ministers, Diya Kumari and Dr. Prem Chand Bairwa, both of whom also took the oath. Among the three, Diya Kumari stands out as the wealthiest, possessing assets valued at over 19 crores INR, as per the information provided in her election affidavit. The affidavit also reveals her passion for expensive jewelry.

Diya Kumari, the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, has declared a total wealth of INR 19.19 crores in her election affidavit. Diya Kumari has a keen interest in jewelry, with her collection valued at over 75 lakhs INR.

Despite having a wealth exceeding 19 crores INR, it is interesting to note that Diya Kumari does not own any vehicles in her name. According to her election affidavit, she holds a diploma in Fine Arts Decorative Painting from Parsons Art and Design School in London. Her entire wealth is in the form of movable assets, and she does not possess any immovable assets, such as a house or land, according to the information in her election affidavit.

Furthermore, Diya Kumari’s annual income is in the range of crores. As per her election affidavit, her earnings for the financial year 2022-23 were over 2 crores INR, although it represents a decrease compared to the previous year, where she reported earnings of 3.19 crores INR in 2021-22.

Diya Kumari, the Deputy Chief Minister, is an avid enthusiast of expensive jewelry, as revealed in her election affidavit. She possesses jewelry valued at more than 75 lakhs INR. Let’s explore the details of her jewelry collection as outlined in her affidavit:

Set of Gold and Diamond Jewelry

Diya owns a set of gold and diamond jewelry comprising a necklace, two earrings, two bangles, and a ring, with a total weight of 127 grams. She values this set at 17.21 lakhs INR.

Four Gold Chains

Diya possesses four gold chains with a total weight of 158.65 grams, valued at 4.82 lakhs INR.

Gold Bangles Collection

Her collection includes six gold bangles with a total weight of 185.47 grams, valued at 5.59 lakhs INR.

Gold Rings and Earrings

Diya has six gold rings and six gold earrings with a combined weight of 135.54 grams, valued at 4.39 lakhs INR.

Special Gold Jewelry Set

Additionally, she owns a special set consisting of a gold chain, two earrings, two bangles, and a ring, with a total value of 3.79 lakhs INR.

It’s noteworthy that Diya Kumari’s passion for jewelry is evident from the exquisite pieces she possesses, as detailed in her election affidavit.

Ruby Diamond Set and Other Precious Jewelry

Diya Kumari, the Deputy Chief Minister, boasts an 18-carat gold ruby diamond set with a weight of 97.2 grams, valued at 11.65 lakhs INR. Additionally, she possesses another diamond set made of gold with a total weight of 135.35 grams, valued at 16 lakhs INR.

Special Multi-Gem Set

Diya owns a special set featuring gold, precious gems like Mina, and diamonds. This set has a total weight of 95.8 grams and is valued at 4.68 lakhs INR.

Gold and Diamond Earrings

Among her collection are two gold and diamond earrings priced at 2.12 lakhs INR. Furthermore, she has two other earrings made from gold and diamonds with a combined weight of 41.54 grams, valued at 1.65 lakhs INR.

Diya Kumari’s collection reflects her appreciation for exquisite jewelry, with each piece holding significant value and unique craftsmanship.

Financial Portfolio Overview

In her sworn affidavit, Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari disclosed that she possesses ₹75,600 in cash. Notably, she maintains eight savings bank accounts, collectively holding deposits of ₹1.48 crores. Additionally, Diya Kumari maintains three current bank accounts, which cumulatively have deposits amounting to ₹92.51 lakhs. Furthermore, she provided details of two Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDRs) each amounting to ₹50,000.

Diya Kumari’s financial portfolio reflects a diversified approach, including liquid assets in cash, substantial savings, and investments in fixed deposits, showcasing a comprehensive financial strategy.

Diverse Investment Portfolio

Apart from her bank accounts and other financial assets, Diya Kumari has strategically invested in various financial instruments. She has amassed ₹15.52 crores through bonds, debentures, and shares. Within this diversified investment portfolio, she holds a noteworthy ₹14.28 crores in 28 mutual funds, showcasing a keen interest in the capital market. In addition to these investments, Diya Kumari has also deposited ₹13.52 lakhs as insurance premiums, demonstrating a balanced approach to wealth management. Her financial strategy encompasses a mix of traditional savings, investments in mutual funds, and insurance, reflecting a holistic approach towards securing and growing her wealth.

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