Alcohol-Fueled Chaos: Drunk Policeman Hits Two Vehicles, Arrested and Charged with Culpable Homicide

In a recent incident near Chiloda, an unexpected and serious confrontation occurred late at night involving two drivers. One of the drivers, who was under the influence of alcohol, had a heated altercation with another driver. The situation escalated, and a police officer, who happened to be present, intervened. The intoxicated driver is currently facing criminal charges, and the incident has been registered as a case of assault with a deadly weapon by the Naroda police.

Drunk Driver Collides with Police Officer’s Vehicle Near Chiloda Road

Last night around 8:30 PM, an incident occurred on the road from Nana Chiloda to Agora Circle where a Honda Amaze car collided abruptly with a police vehicle. The police plate and sticker were visible on the car. The driver of the vehicle approached the traffic constable and the active constable in front. In this encounter, the active constable suffered serious injuries all over his body. An ambulance was called for the injured constable.

Accidental Collision Leaves Traffic Policeman Seriously Injured

As the news spread, people around rushed to the scene. The injured individual was swiftly taken to the hospital for medical attention. The crowd apprehended the driver and handed him over to the police. A bottle of alcohol was found in the car involved in the accident. The policeman, too, was found to be under the influence of alcohol. The individual responsible for the accident is identified as Chirag Vaghela, a resident of Vadaj. Pranav Patel, the traffic constable, is severely injured, with fractures in his hand, face, and leg.

Accused Charged with Serious Offense Following Accidental Collision

Chirag Vaghela, a member of the M.T. department in the Gandhi Nagar police, has been charged with a serious offense after an accidental collision while driving under the influence of alcohol. Instead of facing charges related to drunken driving, the Naroda police have registered a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder (Section 308) against Vaghela. This decision is based on the potential consequences, as the incident could have resulted in loss of life. Additionally, the discovery of a bottle of alcohol in the vehicle has led to a separate charge. The Naroda police have initiated a thorough investigation and are conducting further inquiries into the accused’s actions.


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