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Hyderabad Biryani Scandal: Cockroach and Lizard Contamination Sparks Outrage

Several days subsequent to a customer from Hyderabad expressing dissatisfaction with the quality of a fish biryani ordered online, another incident of analogous nature has come to light. A patron, anticipating a gratifying experience of indulging in a flavorsome chicken biryani, was instead confronted with one of the most distressing experiences as a deceased lizard was discovered in the dish.

In a disconcerting incident, what was intended as a self-indulgent culinary experience turned distressing when a deceased lizard was discovered in the online-ordered chicken biryani from Bawarchi Biryani situated at RTC Crossroads in the city. According to local media reports, the aggrieved party, upon encountering this unfortunate incident, proceeded to the restaurant and staged a protest at the establishment’s entrance along with their family. The repercussions of this protest were evident as patrons began exiting the premises, impacting the eatery’s business upon learning about the unsettling discovery of the lizard in the biryani.

Appalling visuals capturing the lifeless lizard amid the rice item recently emerged online, swiftly gaining viral traction. The incident was accompanied by assertions regarding the mishandling of the parcel from the Hyderabadi restaurant, shedding light on the specifics of what transpired.

Previously, in a disconcerting incident reported from the Koti area of the city, a dead cockroach was discovered in a plate of Hyderabadi biryani that had been ordered for home delivery. The contamination issue resurfaced when a customer, who had ordered fish biryani online, took to Reddit to share his unfortunate experience. In narrating his ordeal, he remarked, “Looks like the hotel staff were kind enough to give me some extra protein in the form of a dead cockroach.” Expressing his dissatisfaction, he assigned a zero rating to the food quality, reflecting the severity of his unpleasant encounter.


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