Tragic Chennai Incident: Boyfriend Admits Strangling GF; Shocking WhatsApp Status Revelation

In a deeply distressing incident that unfolded in Chennai, a nursing student, identified as Fausia, fell victim to a fatal attack allegedly perpetrated by her boyfriend, Ashiq, both aged 20. The chilling aftermath of the incident was further exacerbated as the accused took to social media, specifically WhatsApp, to post a photograph of the deceased on his story.

Friends Uncover Tragedy: Accused’s WhatsApp Story Alerts Authorities to Chennai Murder

In a somber turn of events, the heinous crime in Chennai came to the attention of authorities when friends of the victim stumbled upon the accused’s WhatsApp story. Promptly recognizing the severity of the situation, the concerned friends immediately contacted the police to report the distressing content.

Responding swiftly to the alarming information, the Chennai police initiated an investigation and subsequently arrived at the hotel where the accused, Ashik, and the victim had been staying. Upon reaching the premises, law enforcement discovered the lifeless body of the young girl in one of the hotel rooms.

The gravity of the situation prompted the immediate arrest of Ashik by the Chennai police. The authorities are now diligently pursuing a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident, with the aim of establishing a clear understanding of the events leading up to the tragic demise of the young nursing student.

Ashiq and Fausia were in a relationship for five years.

Tragic Turn of Events: Nursing Student’s Accusation of Infidelity Ends in Fatal Confrontation

In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded in Chrompet, Kerala, a second-year nursing student found herself at the center of a fatal confrontation after accusing her boyfriend of infidelity. The couple, who had been in a relationship for five years, saw their bond unravel amidst accusations and escalating tensions.

Concerns arose when the nursing student, absent from college for three consecutive days, prompted inquiries from her friends. It was revealed that the accused had taken her to Chennai, where the two were staying at a hotel. The revelation intensified the friends’ concerns, leading to a series of inquiries that uncovered a tragic turn of events.

Upon interrogation by the police, the accused confessed to the harrowing crime, shedding light on the events that transpired. According to the accused, the relationship took a tumultuous turn when the victim accused him of being involved with another girl. The ensuing argument escalated to a point where, overwhelmed by frustration, he resorted to violence, ultimately strangling his girlfriend with a T-shirt.

Arrest of Ashik Under POCSO: Complex Dynamics Unveiled in Tragic Relationship

The arrest of Ashik under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act has brought to light a complex narrative surrounding the tragic relationship between him and Fausia. Media reports indicate that the couple, who had secretly married as teenagers, experienced a tumultuous journey that included the birth of a child. Regrettably, the child was later placed in an orphanage in Chikmagalur.

According to police statements, Fausia became aware of Ashiq’s involvement with other women approximately two years ago, leading to their separation. Subsequently, Fausia filed a case against Ashiq under the POCSO Act with the Kerala Police, resulting in his arrest. However, a surprising turn of events unfolded as the couple later reconciled after a period of separation.

This intricate and tragic tale underscores the complexities that can arise within relationships, especially when compounded by legal implications and personal challenges. The involvement of the POCSO Act in this case reflects the seriousness of the charges brought against Ashik, highlighting the need for stringent measures to p


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