Consecutive Heart Attacks Claim Lives: Tragic Demise of 38 and 53-Year-Olds in Rajkot

In a deeply concerning trend, the incidence of heart attacks has exhibited a consistent and worrying increase over the past several years. This disconcerting pattern has once again come to the forefront with two more unfortunate deaths due to heart attacks, following the tragic loss of two lives just the previous day.

Yesterday, the community was gripped by sorrow as a young man from Rajkot and a middle-aged individual from Bamanbor succumbed to heart attacks. These events marked the commencement of a harrowing sequence that continued into the subsequent day, with the untimely passing of yet another young and middle-aged individual, both of whom tragically lost their lives to this relentless cardiac ailment.

The first victim, a 38-year-old, suddenly fell to the floor, with the heart attack striking mercilessly. Despite the immediate efforts to secure vital medical attention, the individual’s life could not be salvaged. Simultaneously, a 53-year-old individual experienced a heart attack while within the confines of their home, falling unconscious. Despite frantic attempts to summon medical aid, this individual’s life, too, was tragically claimed by the unforgiving grasp of this debilitating condition, occurring before they could reach the sanctuary of a hospital.


A tragic incident unfolded as a 38-year-old resident of Gokulpara, New Thorala, Rajkot, and a 53-year-old individual from Gandhigram, Govindnagar, abruptly faced severe health crises. The 38-year-old gentleman tragically collapsed on the floor of his residence last night, while the 53-year-old, identified as Mr. Proud, suddenly lost consciousness within the confines of his own home.

In the early hours of the morning, a young man, Mr. Gunavantbhai Chanabhai Chavda, aged 38, residing at New Thorala Main Road in Gokulpara-6, experienced a sudden and tragic incident. At approximately 1:30 AM, he awoke to rest briefly, and as he proceeded from his room to the floor, he abruptly lost consciousness and collapsed. His family members, roused by this alarming turn of events, promptly summoned assistance and transported him to the Civil Hospital while he remained in an unconscious state. Despite their swift actions and medical attention, he tragically passed away at the hospital, leaving his family bereaved.

Mr. Chavda, the eldest of two brothers and one sister, had been gainfully employed at an ice factory. His untimely demise has brought deep sorrow to his family, and their mourning is a poignant reminder of the unpredictability of life’s events.

heart attack

Tragedy struck once again as two more individuals succumbed to heart attacks in separate incidents.

In the first incident, Mr. Parshottambhai Ratibhai Jadav, aged 53, a resident of Gandhigram Govindanagar-1, abruptly lost consciousness at 9:30 PM. Swift efforts were made to transport him to the Civil Hospital, but regrettably, he did not survive. Mr. Jadav leaves behind two sons and two daughters and was gainfully employed as a sentinel.

Both of these heart-wrenching occurrences were promptly reported to the authorities by the hospital outpost staff, who alerted the Thorala and Gandhigram police. Following postmortem examinations, the attending doctor officially confirmed that the cause of death for both Mr. Gunavantbhai and Mr. Parshottambhai was indeed a heart attack. These incidents serve as solemn reminders of the imperative need for heightened awareness of heart health and the importance of timely medical intervention. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the grieving families during this difficult period.

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