Indian-Origin Jewelers’ Showroom Robbery in Newark: 15 Robbers Loot Crores in 3 Minutes

In New York, USA, there was a significant incident of looting in the showrooms of Indian-origin jewelers, resulting in millions worth of losses. On Wednesday afternoon, a group of 12 to 15 men and women, identified as looters, entered the jewelers’ showrooms and within just 3 minutes, wreaked havoc, grabbing valuable items worth millions. 

As the looting ensued, many showcases were shattered, causing widespread destruction not only inside the showrooms but also impacting neighboring properties.

Looting Spree in New York and California

Looting Spree in New York and California

In New York and California, incidents of looting have shocked residents. In New York’s New Park Mall, a jewelry shop owned by an Indian-origin individual fell victim to a group of over a dozen looters. 

Within three minutes, the entire shop was ransacked and the perpetrators fled the scene. The brazenness of the attack was evident as the looters caused significant damage to the showroom. Eyewitnesses reported that approximately 12 to 15 individuals, both men and women wearing masks and gloves, stormed the showroom, instilling fear among onlookers.

Looting Completed Within Three Minutes

Residents Taking Shelter on the Ground During Looting

As looting was underway, residents found themselves seeking refuge on the ground. The looters, making their way into the showrooms, carried out their plunder. It was reported that the looters were traveling in four separate vehicles. 

They stole items such as gold chains, expensive watches, and diamond necklaces. The amount of jewelry inside the showrooms was so extensive that even after the looting, a significant amount remained untouched. 

As they fled the scene, residents were forced to lie low on the ground. The number of people taking shelter on the ground was considerable, indicating the level of panic induced by the looters.

Looting Completed Within Three Minutes

According to the company’s website, they have four stores, three in California and one in Georgia. Based on the images available on the website, they possess jewelry worth millions of dollars. Police reported that the looters executed the entire looting operation in less than three minutes, fleeing the scene shortly afterward. 

Two vehicles used in the looting have been seized, which are believed to be stolen. Until Friday, no arrests have been made in connection with this incident.

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