Jewelry Store Robbery in Ahmedabad: Revolver Men Loot Millions, Caught on CCTV

Ahmedabad seems to be witnessing a surge in criminal activities akin to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, attributed to incidents like firing, looting, theft, and assaults. In Jamalpur, a royal convoy of 43,000 was not spared as robbers brandished knives and carried out a daring robbery. Similarly, in Maninagar last night, armed individuals targeted a jeweler’s shop, looting valuables worth 11.63 lakhs, sparking panic.

Robbers Loot Peacefully, Leaving Behind Chaos

During the robbery, a robber speaking in Hindi threatened to shoot or kill anyone who resisted. Hearing the threat, the shop owner surrendered and pleaded to spare his life, offering whatever they desired. Despite complying, the robbers looted the shop peacefully and fled, leaving behind a shaken atmosphere.

Initial Threats Followed by Intense Robbery

Amidst the robbery, when the situation escalated, one of the robbers pointed a revolver at the shop owner. Fearing for his life, the shop owner panicked. The robbers threatened the shop owner not to retaliate, warning of dire consequences, and left after looting valuables worth 11.63 lakhs. Later, the shop owner raised an alarm.

Surveillance Footage Captures the Heist

The entire robbery incident, where four robbers barged into the shop and executed the heist, has been captured on CCTV cameras. The Maninagar police, along with the crime branch, are now scrutinizing the CCTV footage to identify the perpetrators and apprehend them. Police suspect the involvement of gangs from other states in orchestrating such robberies. The police investigation has also revealed that the robbers are now targeting smaller jewelry stores adjacent to luxurious showrooms.

Robbery: Knife Left Behind

Despite their attempt to rob the shop, the robbers left without taking the knife placed on the counter. As four men entered the shop, one brandished a revolver while another placed a sharp knife on the counter. Although they stole jewelry from the display, they neglected to take the knife with them. Consequently, the police seized the weapon and enlisted the assistance of the FSL and a dog-squad to investigate the robbery incident.

Amrit Mali’s Phone Also Robbed

Upon learning of the robbery, Amrit Mali immediately contacted the police control room, only to find out that his mobile phone was also stolen after the burglary. Mali was greatly distressed when the robbers quickly escaped, leaving him in a state of panic, only to return later to create chaos.

Suspicions Arise Over Vehicle Theft

Due to ongoing road construction near Bhairunath Circle, the robbers parked their vehicles far away before committing the theft. After the robbery, they calmly left and fled with the vehicles. Police have initiated a thorough investigation into the matter, suspecting possible vehicle theft. Previously, similar robberies involved the use of stolen vehicles by the perpetrators.

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