Rickshaw Driver Raped Young Woman in Vadodara, Finds Liquor Bottle Nearby

In the Vadodara city’s Sayajigunj area, chaos ensued when a young woman was Raped by a rickshaw driver in broad daylight near Vasant Kutir Building. With the help of CCTV footage, the Sayajigunj Police apprehended the accused. The rickshaw driver had lured the young woman into Vasant Kutir Building on the pretext of assisting her with a cyber fraud case. It was revealed that the same rickshaw driver had committed a crime against a young woman and had fled.

The Assurance of Help from the Rickshaw Driver

A 39-year-old woman from Rajasthan, employed as an agent in a local travel company in Vadodara, became a victim of cyber fraud. She dialed 1930 to lodge her complaint. The woman had gone to the bank yesterday to obtain a statement. However, she didn’t have the fare for the rickshaw. At that time, she met a rickshaw driver near Kadak Bazaar in Sayajigunj area, who assured her of assistance.

Taken to the Building Due to Hotel Closure

The woman had gone to the bank to get a statement and had contacted the rickshaw driver. They had initiated a conversation, during which the rickshaw driver had obtained the woman’s mobile number. After a few days, when she went out, the rickshaw driver offered to drop her home. However, due to the closure of the hotel, the unscrupulous rickshaw driver took her to Vasant Kutir Building and committed the crime before fleeing.

The Anxious Victim Seeks Help from Abhayam

The woman felt alarmed by the actions of the rickshaw driver and sought assistance from Abhayam helpline by contacting 181. The Abhayam team rushed to the scene immediately. Local police were also alerted, and a thorough investigation was initiated.

Accused Apprehended Based on CCTV Evidence by Police

The victim lodged a complaint of harassment against the rickshaw driver at Sayajigunj Police Station. The accused rickshaw driver resides in Gotri area of Vadodara city, and his identification has been made by the Sayajigunj Police. With the help of CCTV footage, the accused rickshaw driver was swiftly apprehended, and Hardik Trivedi, the accused, has been booked under prohibition at various police stations in Vadodara city and Vapi Police Station.

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