Rescued Man in Suicide Attempt Shocks Police After Knowing Reason

Film scenes were recreated near Gate Number 1 of the Gandhi Nagar Secretariat this morning. A young man from Valsad district attempted to hang himself with a scarf tied to a tree. Chaos ensued as police rushed to the scene. Firefighters and police officers tried to convince the young man to come down, but he refused. Before the young man attempted to hang himself, he had approached the firemen for help, and they managed to save him. When the police tried to console him and inquire about the incident, the young man said, “My mind is disturbed.”

Rescue Operation on a Tree

A young man climbed a tree with a scarf in hand near Gate Number 1 of the Gandhi Nagar Secretariat. Upon receiving information, a police team along with security officials from the Secretariat rushed to the scene. Efforts were made to persuade the young man to come down safely, but he remained reluctant.

Calling the Fire Brigade for a Hanging Attempt

The young man had tied a scarf around a branch and was trying to put it around his neck. At this moment, the firefighters reached the tree and tried to understand the situation. Despite several attempts to communicate with the young man, he did not respond. After a brief struggle, the firefighters successfully managed to convince him and saved his life.

The Significance of “My Mind is Disturbed”

Police officers provided reassurance to the young man and initiated questioning. The young man identified himself as Nitin Patel, a resident of Kharvel village in Valsad district. The police began efforts to understand why Nitin had come to Gandhi Nagar. He explained that people from his village are surprised by his actions. The phrase “My mind is disturbed” has caused a stir among the villagers as they wonder what he is thinking. Moreover, they are curious about his activities on WhatsApp. Upon hearing about Nitin’s statement, the police also became concerned.

Youth’s Actions Affecting Family, Says Police

According to Inspector Parag Chauhan of Sector 7 Police, Nitin Patel from Valsad is a native of Valsad, who attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the gate near the secretary’s office. Initially, he was fit a chip in his brain and the villagers were astonished and worried about his condition. People also understand his thoughts from the chip, so further investigation reveals that Nitin had an accident in the past. Since then, he has been mentally unstable. Police and lawyers also file complaints. Nitin cannot describe what bothers him. Currently, he has been sent to Gandhinagar with his family for treatment.

Nitin Patel, the nephew of Postman Jhaverbhai Patel, who resides in Kharvel village of Dharampur taluka of Valsad district, told his wife Surekhaben that my brother has come here to say this. Later, he got married, and he has two children. There were misunderstandings later. After that, he had an accident. His mind is like this, it comes when there is a storm here.

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