US President and PM Modi Conclude Talks: Strengthening Bilateral Relations

American President Joe Biden has arrived in India for the G-20 summit. After landing in Delhi, he had a meeting with Prime Minister Modi. The initial reaction from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) stated that discussions are underway on several significant issues. Both leaders have focused on strengthening the relations between India and the United States. Upon his arrival at the airport, Biden was welcomed by Union Minister General V.K. Singh. Later, Biden also met with U.S. Ambassador to India, Eric Garsetti, and his daughter Maya.

The American National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, has revealed that during this visit, both countries will also discuss enhancing cooperation in civil nuclear technology. Among the discussions is the possibility of an agreement on small modular nuclear reactors. Besides, both countries may also advance discussions on a GE jet engine deal, among other matters.

President Biden will hold a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Modi during which they are expected to discuss the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The discussions will encompass efforts to mitigate the economic and social impacts of the war. Additionally, both leaders will also talk about enhancing the capacity of multilateral development banks, including the World Bank, to combat poverty and address global challenges.

It’s worth noting that President Biden’s meeting with Prime Minister Modi marks the eighth time an American President has visited India in the first 50 years of India’s independence. Furthermore, it is the sixth meeting between the two leaders in the last 23 years.

Niyati Rao

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