America Refutes Anti-India Reports, Highlights Religious Freedom: US Media Warns of Risks if Modi Wins

Recent reports by American media have consistently highlighted alleged discrimination against Muslims in India, with The New York Times publishing a report on May 19 claiming that Muslim families residing in India are being sidelined. Concerns have been raised regarding the recognition and treatment of these claims.

On Monday (May 20), the U.S. State Department provided clarity and commended India’s religious freedom. Department spokesperson Matthew Miller stated that they completely refute these reports. He emphasized that the United States is always prepared to uphold the rights of religious freedom worldwide, hence garnering support for India among many other countries.

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department also criticized its own International Religious Freedom Report, which suggested mistreatment of Muslims in India.

America appreciated India's religious freedom.

Continuous Anti-India Coverage by American Media Amidst Lok Sabha Elections

Ever since the commencement of the Lok Sabha elections in India, American media has persistently published news opposing the nation. This is the second time in a span of eight weeks that such a plea has been made by the United States. 

Previously, on May 17, the White House remarked that India lacks vibrant democracy compared to the rest of the world. They praised the capability of Indians to vote and raise their voices against the government.

With the Lok Sabha elections underway in India, American media continues to broadcast consistent anti-India news, expressing concerns over the rise of non-secularism in the country. 

Many major media houses speculate that if Prime Minister Modi comes into power for the third time, violence against Muslims will increase in the country, and the Indian government will sideline Muslims.

The New York Times wrote in an article on May 19 - Muslims in India are hiding their identity, they are scared.
American news channel Fox wrote on May 20 - Muslims are being threatened continuously in Ayodhya.
American news channel CNN has accused Bollywood of supporting BJP in the elections.
CNBC called the election a threat to democracy.
CBS has termed Modi's election campaign as anti-Muslim.

Modi States: No Community Facing Discrimination in the Country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also refuted these allegations. During election campaigns and interviews, PM Modi stated that there is no discrimination against any community in the country. 

He emphatically asserted that there has been no discrimination against minorities in India and that such allegations are baseless, suggesting that the reports of discrimination against minorities in India are exaggerated and that the public should stay away from them.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council has stated in a report that from 1950 to 2015, there has been a 43.15% increase in the Muslim population in India. In contrast, during the same period, there has been a decrease of 7.82% in the Hindu population.

Demand for Electoral Reforms in India

On May 17, White House spokesperson John Kirby stated that the United States closely monitors the ongoing election process in India and consistently demands reforms. They have been calling for continuous improvements in the process. Kirby mentioned that 96 crore people in India are participating in the voting process, which is selecting candidates from 2,660 registered parties.

Out of thousands of candidates, 545 members are elected to the Parliament of India, where more than 10 lakh votes are often counted. The White House’s statement comes at a time when global media is expressing concerns about the elections being held in India, citing risks to democracy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being held accountable for alleged electoral misconduct during the elections.

Deficiencies in India’s Democracy

In February, the British newspaper The Economist also published a report asserting deficiencies in India’s democracy. According to the report, which ranks democracies across 167 countries, India has secured the 41st position.

The report highlights several shortcomings in India’s democracy. In 2019, there was a significant decline in India’s ranking, indicating a notable deterioration. However, since then, the country’s ranking has consistently improved.

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