Outrage Over Smart Meters: Vadodara Residents Protest at MGVCL Office Amid Power Outages

At the MGVCL office in Akota, Vadodara, local residents vandalized property and set fire to electric wires due to issues caused by smart meters, which led to electricity disruptions in their homes. Additionally, in the Fatehganj area of Vadodara, people staged protests demanding the removal of smart meters, chanting slogans vehemently. The public’s anger is growing day by day.

₹500 Bill in 4 Days

Local resident Zabilaben from the Fatehganj area stated that her smart meter showed a bill of ₹500 in just four days. Previously, their two-month bill used to be between ₹900 and ₹1000. It never exceeded that amount. She demands the removal of the smart meter and reinstatement of the old meter. If the smart meter is not removed, they will be forced to take extreme measures like before. She expressed that everyone in her household is ill, her husband has diabetes, and her brother-in-law has vision problems. They are faced with the dilemma of either buying medicine or paying these huge bills. Their situation is dire.

Bills Increased After Elections

Ushaben Rajput, another local from the Fatehganj area, mentioned that their two-month bill was ₹1500 previously, but now, they received a bill of ₹1300 in just ten days, and the lights are turned off at night. She questioned where they should go at night. In the heat, there’s a risk of heart attacks and death. She holds the authorities responsible. She added that if this had happened before elections, they wouldn’t have voted. The authorities started these issues after securing votes. If the smart meters are not removed, they plan to escalate the matter to Gandhinagar.

1,000 Meters Installed Forcibly

Manharbhai Rajput, a local from the Fatehganj area, revealed that despite the order for smart meters being optional, 1,000 meters were forcibly installed in their area. People were threatened with a fine of ₹10,000 if they did not comply. A ₹500 recharge lasts only 4-5 days, after which they have to struggle to recharge again. If bills are issued every two months, why should they pay in advance? He questioned if they had excess money. They came to the Fatehganj GEB office to voice their concerns, but no one was there to listen. The officials sit comfortably in air-conditioned rooms while they suffer in the heat. Officials should come out of their AC rooms and witness the people’s difficulties.

No Disconnection for Negative Balance

Junior Engineer R.K. Variya from the Fatehganj sub-division stated that many people have come with their grievances, demanding the removal of smart meters. He assured that if people have a negative balance, their electricity connection will not be disconnected. Notably, protests against smart meters have erupted not only in Vadodara but in other cities of the state as well, reflecting widespread public anger. People are now demanding the removal of these smart meters.

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