Halt In Installation of Smart Meter In Vadodara:27,000 Installed Smart Meters Won’t Be Removed: Check Meter Will be Install if Any Complaint

People have been protesting against the smart meters installed in various parts of the city due to increased electricity bills and abrupt deduction of money. Starting from last week, people protested and demonstrated outside electricity offices. Finally, due to pressure from consumers, the authorities of the electricity company have imposed a temporary break on smart meters. The company has decided not to remove smart meters installed for 27 thousand customers unless there is a complaint from the customer.

Smart Prepaid Meters Pilot Project

The Central Government had launched a pilot project in Alkapuri-Akota in January under the ambitious smart prepaid meter scheme. Twenty-five thousand smart meters were installed, including in the Vidyanagar colony area. Later, the installation of smart meters began in Subhanpura and other areas. People protested against this citing increased usage indicated by the new meters and higher bills compared to the old ones. Last week, residents of Subhanpura demanded the removal of smart meters and insisted on installing old meters. This protest spread to Sama, Akota, Alkapuri, and Fatehganj. Political parties also joined the protest. Eventually, the distribution company has imposed a temporary break on the smart meter project. Now, residents of societies or apartments will decide whether to install smart meters there, and government offices will install smart meters. Smart meters accurately reflect usage and ensure transparent billing, which has led to a request to restart the project with 5% checks on meter installations to regain the trust of electricity consumers.

Recharging Rs. 6,000 within 20 Days

Our electricity bill used to be Rs. 6,000 in 2 months previously, but now we have to recharge Rs. 6,000 within 20 days. – Susmaben Bhatt, Gayatri Nagar.

Fans Remain Off for Fear of Bills

Earlier, we had time to pay bills. Now, fans remain off for fear of bills coming. – Jagrutiben Mistri, Jadavpark-2, Sama.If Women Recharge Rs. 5,000, Rs. 2,700 Disappears in a Day

In Vadodara, opposition to smart meters remained intact on the fifth day. One hundred twenty-five women protested. When women recharge Rs. 5,000 in Sama, Rs. 2,700 disappears in a day.

Uproarious Protest in Residential Areas

An intense protest against smart meters erupted in various residential areas including Samani Sundarvan, Jadavpark, Gayatri Park, Takshashila, and Trimurti. They demanded the removal of old meters and expressed confusion about how to use smart meters. When Sarojben Darji of Jadavpark-2 said, “Yesterday I recharged Rs. 5,000, out of which Rs. 2,700 disappeared, and we received a bill of Rs. 35,000 in two months. Give us the old meters.”

Installation of 1.64 Crore Meters in Two Years

According to the Central Government’s Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme, smart meters have been approved for over 1.64 crore electricity consumers in Gujarat. All meters will be converted into smart meters by December 2026. This decision is subject to the company’s discretion for private electricity consumers.

Workers in Vidyanagar Colony Protest

After the electricity company tampered with smart prepaid meters in Vidyanagar Colony, there were connection problems. Employees opposed this. Although the company resolved the issue at that time, no lessons were learned.

Opposition Due to Misunderstanding of Smart Meters

Opposition to smart meters arose due to misunderstanding. We are ready to dispel consumers’ misunderstandings. If necessary, we will remove another meter. – Tejas Parmar, MD, MGVCL.

Stop Plundering of Bills by Electricity Companies:People, Application Filed

All Gujarat Electricity Users, SOA, Collector’s Office filed an application in protest against the looting of people’s money by the electricity company. It has been stated that after the company stopped the loot of people’s money, old meters should be installed again.

We will remove another meter if necessary to dispel consumer misunderstandings. – Tejas Parmar, MD, MGVCL.

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