Ahmedabad Airport: Clash Between Taxi Drivers and Security Guards Leads to Bloodshed, Guard Injured

Last night at Ahmedabad Airport, there was a confrontation between security guards and rickshaw drivers. Ten rickshaw drivers clashed with two security staff members. The rickshaw drivers assaulted the security guard, causing damage to vehicles as well. The security guard sustained injuries to the head, requiring hospitalization, and the police arrived at the scene. According to sources, such confrontations between security and rickshaw drivers are not uncommon at the airport, but due to lax police intervention, no decisive action seems to have been taken.

The Overall Incident

Yesterday evening at Ahmedabad Airport, tension rose as rickshaw drivers gathered near the arrival lane. Amidst verbal exchanges with the airport security guards, ten rickshaw drivers initiated violence. Two security staff members named Rahul and Kamlesh were attacked. The incident was reported to the police, and a complaint was lodged.

Vandalism in Vehicles

Returning from both police stations, about 30 to 40 drivers gathered near Ola Parking. They launched an attack on two security staff members. Other guards also joined in. Meanwhile, there was vandalism in vehicles as well. The injured guard was taken to a civil hospital for treatment of head injuries. The police, including PI, ACP, DCP, arrived at the scene.

Incidents of Violence Escalate

It is noteworthy that incidents of violence and clashes between security and rickshaw drivers have occurred several times at Ahmedabad Airport. Complaints have been filed, but due to the lax intervention of local police, no decisive action seems to have been taken. Such altercations are often witnessed in the general course of passenger movements at the airport.

Niyati Rao

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