Padminiba Forgives Rupala; Expresses Intent to Join BJP in Future

After playing a significant role in the Kshatriya community’s agitation, Padmibaa Vala, in a theatrical turn, publicly announced her forgiveness to Rupala, and also hinted at the possibility of joining the BJP in the future.

On Friday, Padmibaa Vala appeared before the media and stated that even after the completion of the Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s candidate Purushottam Rupala, for the fifth time, sought forgiveness, showing his humanity. Despite her age, and having sought forgiveness five times in the past, both personally and through her team, she forgave Rupala.

Addressing the Sankalan Samiti again, Padmibaa stated that the committee, along with her team, has united to fight. Recently, the Sankalan Samiti announced the completion of the entire agitation, but who will fight for tickets in the coming days? Such discussions are inappropriate. P.T. Jadeja, a member of the Sankalan Samiti, disconnected his phone and there is chaos within.

Part-3 of the agitation seems to seek forgiveness from Rahul Gandhi and Umesh, but the Sankalan Samiti has initiated a war against Rupala instead of changing the course, causing harm to the society and those remaining in BJP. The Sankalan Samiti claims that 120 organizations are working together, but which are these 120 organizations? Who funded the agitation? And who made the decision to vote against the BJP? There are many questions. In the coming days, the members of the Sankalan Samiti will be questioned.

Facing questions from journalists about joining the BJP, Padmibaa Vala stated that she had joined the BJP in February, but during that time, Rupala made inappropriate remarks about society’s women, which led to her starting the agitation against him. Now, she forgives Rupala and can decide to join the BJP in the future. Currently, she is only associated with society and prioritizes its service.

Niyati Rao

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